KUALA LUMPUR, FEBRUARY 2016 - ‘LINGER: A SOLO EXHIBITION BY CHEONG TUCK WAI’ is the title of the latest exhibition by the award winning contemporary painter. One of the five award recipients of the popular Malaysia Emerging Artist Awards (MEAA) competition in 2014, Cheong Tuck Wai is noted for his innovative use of unconventional materials with personally moving images. This exhibition, hosted by leading contemporary art space HOM Art Trans, is the upcoming artist’s second solo and will feature 9 new mixed media paintings of various dimensions meticulously produced in Tuck Wai’s signature approach. The title of the show sees the artist dwell on the concept of home, exploring intimate memories, the dynamics of interaction and human relationships without its human actors. 

Interestingly, the presence of people are felt and their stories told without their presence through objects and scenes. Each a snapshot of domestic objects, things as well as places were carefully taken by the artist at various time and locality. The painstaking effects produced by hand on the ordinary looking, everyday objects and domestic scenes, induces certain sense of romantic bleakness or fond remembrance of the peoples and places in the present and past tense. They assumed a numinous quality, encapsulating the private thoughts while conveying the personal feelings of the artist. These monochromatic mixed media paintings charm with its unassuming beauty and subtly invites rumination on the realities of contemporary city life while paying a loving tribute to the people close to us back home, who even in their absences, remind us of who we were and where we came from. These humbling thoughts and tender recollections provides us with strength and heart to strive forward in times of uncertainty and anxiety.  

‘LINGER: A SOLO EXHIBITION BY CHEONG TUCK WAY’ is open to the public from 20th February- 5th March 2016. The exhibition will be officiated by contemporary artist Kim Ng on the 20th February 2016 at 8.30pm. 

About The Artist

Cheong Tuck Wai (b. 1979, Kuantan, Pahang) received his Diploma in Illustration (2001) and Fine Art (2004) from the Dasein Academy of Art in Kuala Lumpur where he also teaches part time as a senior lecturer in the fine art department. The award winning artist is noted for his innovative mixed media paintings of human figures and the environment that revolves around aspects of memory, time and space. While contemplating on the shifting of time and its passages, Tuck Wai’s keen eye for the subtle, poignant and sublime in the everyday are made more compelling through his choice images and expert use of materials that enhances the ambience surrounding the subject matter.  
A regular participant in the local art circuit, Tuck Wai won the Malaysia Nokia Arts Award in 2003. He has shown at the Philip Morris Malaysia Art Awards (2003) and the Young Contemporaries Award (2004), both at the National Visual Art Gallery, Malaysia. He received the Gold Award from the United Overseas Bank (UOB) annual competition under the Painting of the Year category in 2013. In 2009 and 2011, Tuck Wai was among the finalist in the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award (MEAA). In 2013, Tuck Wai, together with four other contestants, emerged as the winners of the MEAA.  

About The Organiser

HOM is an independent art space that seeks to assist and support the development of visual art in Malaysia, whilst facilitating networking and exhibition-related opportunities with Southeast Asian counterparts. HOM’s core objective is to promote and nurture young artists through its key program, which is The Residency, the Art Award and also the Art Fund. Founded in 2007, the space comprises gallery and an art archive, Malaysia Art and Research Support.

HOM Art Trans is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 6pm and Saturday, For more information and enquiries, kindly contact Gallery Manager, Mimie Baharuddin at +6 012 373 6004 (Mobile), +603 9286 7004 (Office) or visit

Old TV set. Reunion
Image transfer, burn effect, acrylic & non-woven fabric on canvas 158 x 218.5 cm / 2015
Granny's Rattan Sofa . Awaiting
Image transfer, burn effect, acrylic & non-woven fabric on canvas 150 x 200 cm / 2015

Young & New Part VI : eInvite

Introduced by HOM Art Trans in 2007, Young & New is an open call for Malaysian artists aged 35 and under to showcase their talent to a wider audience. This group exhibition offers positive opportunities for artists to establish themselves in the Malaysian art scene. It aims to nurture young artists to succeed by providing a solid platform for talents to be discovered and developed.

Young & New is a stepping-stone for artists to begin their professional careers and to attain their goals, stimulated by infectious creative energy fuelled by fellow artists. As the lifeblood of the visual art community, these young talents will be given the support they need to inspire others through this effort. 

The sixth edition of Young & New received 100 submissions by graduates from public and private art institutions as well as by self-taught artists across the nation. A shortlist of 50 artists with more than 50 artworks will be on display at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur from 23 January until 6 February 2016. 

Young & New Part VI : Artworks

Ain’ Syafiqah Rosdi b. 1990
Digital print on glossy photo paper     30 x 40 cm     2015    RM 280.00
Digital print on glossy photo paper     30 x 40 cm     2015    RM 280.00

Daniel Ashraff b. 1995
 Penyambut Tetamu
Charcoal & bitumen on plywood     121.92  x 91.44 cm     2015     RM 1,000.00

Chooi Ling Keiong b.1977
 The Three Musketeers
Acrylic on canvas     89 x 89cm     2015     RM5,000.00

Fancy of Neverland
Acrylic on canvas     89 x 89cm      2015     RM5,000.00

Finding Neverland
Acrylic on canvas     89 x 89 cm     2015     RM 5,000.00

 Kean Foong Chong b.1982
Passenger Series III
70  x 50 cm     Oil on Canvas     2015     Sold
#Passenger 9
25  x 21 cm     Oil on canvas     2015 RM 600.00

Amir Amin b.1991
 Jawi Series: Seniman
Acrylic on canvas     48  x 99 cm      2015      RM 1,200.00

Justin Low b.1992
Oil on canvas     97 x 70cm     2014     RM 2,200.00
Oil on canvas     85 x 120cm     2015     RM 2,800.00
 He and I
Oil on canvas      84 x 113 cm      2014      RM 3,000.00

Tey Key Pei b.1995
 Is this a Kopitiam?
Oil on canvas      130 cm x 87 cm     2015      Artist's Collection

Oil on canvas     116  x 76 cm      2015     RM 2,000.00

Chok Yue Zuan b.1994
The Artist l
Transfer print, charcoal, gesso & oil on canvas     100 x 70cm     2015     RM 1,800.00
 The Best Friends
Transfer print & oil on canvas      56  x168 cm(4 panels)     2015      Sold

Hariz Ahmad b.1989
 Label It Right : Andy Warhol
Acrylic on canvas     75.3  x107.4 cm     2015      Sold

\Azrul Azrai Mohyi b.1990
 Manusia jadian
Acrylic & charcoal on canvas      85 cm x 92 cm      2015     RM1,800.00 
 Kim’s Rules
Acrylic & charcoal on canvas     85 cm x 92 cm     2015     Sold

Amy Bakar b.1989
 Lompat Tali
Oil on canvas     57.2 x 88.9 cm     2015     RM 900.00
 Skuter Merah Jambu
Oil on canvas     57.2 x 88.9 cm     2015     Sold
Patch Perfect
Mixed media on canvas     91.5  x 121.9cm     2015     Sold

Farwizah Hashim b.1996
Oil & bitumen on canvas     91.44  x 60.96 cm     2015     RM 1,000.00

Boon Peng Tan b.1993
The Promise between Me and Myself
Oil on canvas     90 x 69.5 cm     2015     RM 1,100.00
Natural Hand Gestures (自然手势)
Oil on canvas     44 x 55 cm (4 Panels)     2015     RM 700.00(each)

Nizam Mizan b.1994
 Tree Of Life 
White pastel on boxboard     84.1 x 118.9 cm     2015     RM 900.00

The Hundred Eyes That Once Belonged To Argus
White pastel on boxboard     84.1 x 81.0 cm      2015      Rm 900.00

Nur Sulaiha b.1995
 Ouh Government
Oil, pen & collage on canvas      91.44  x 121.92 cm      2015      RM 500.00

Aus Firdaus b.1993
 Teh Tarik Untuk Mak Dan Abah
Oil on canvas       121 x 91 cm     2015     RM 900.00

Nizar Salleh b.1991
 Soal Hidup: Sebuah Rektifikasi Minda dan Jiwa
Acrylic on canvas     121  x 91 cm     2016     RM 3,500.00

Aimman Hafizal b.1995
 The Circuit of Fortune
Acrylic on canvas      121.92  x 121.92 cm      2015     Sold

Til Minde (In Memory)
Linocut on brown paper     53.5  x 37 cm      2015     RM 350.00

Aiman Saror b.1995
Acrylics on canvas     121 cm x 121 cm     2015     RM 1,500.00

Lee Xuan Guang b.1992
The Hunger For Touch 
Chinese ink &  watercolor on rice paper     93.3 x 69 cm      2015      RM 1,300.00
Talk to Myselves
Mixed media on rice paper     68.8 x 54.5 cm      2015       RM 800.00

Diyana Zulkifly b.1994
 diana 戴安娜 (dài ānnà)
Acrylic on canvas      121  x 61 cm      2015       RM 1,000.00

Syukur Rani b.1994
 No Friends
Carving & mixed media on board      67  x 128 cm      2015      Sold

Tomi b.1991
Mixed media     60  x 134 cm     2015      RM 2,500.00

Amirul Roslan b.1994
Destruction Inherent
Thread & acrylic on canvas      120 x 60 cm      2015       Sold

Putra Nazri b.1993
 Kita Dalam Kita
Acrylics  & charcoal on canvas       121  x 61 cm      2015      Sold

Tong Pei Wee b.1995
Oil on canvas     162.5  x 122 cm      2015      RM 3,000.00

Choong Soon Leong b.1990
 Lean On
Oil on canvas     126  x 178 cm      2015       RM 5,000.00
 Hide and Seek
Oil on canvas      180  x 120 cm       2015       RM 5,000.00
 Play Safe, Use Basket
Oil on Canvas      210  x 100 cm      2015        RM 5,000.00

Hafiz Rashid b.1991
 Judges “LOL”
Oil on canvas      152.4 x 121.92 cm       2015       RM 3,000.00

 Azizi Saad b.1992
 Red Light
Oil on canvas      159  x 139 cm       2015       RM 5,500.00

Firdaus Ismail b.1985
Couple in the Garden
Acrylic & oil on canvas      153 x 135 cm      2015       RM 2,500.00
Flowers in a Landscape
Acrylic & oil on canvas     76 x 61 cm      2015      RM 900.00

Izzudin Basiron b.1994
Charcoal, soft pastels & acrylic on canvas        121 x 182 cm       2015       RM 1,500.00

Aizat Ahmad b.1990
Stairway to Heaven
Acrylic on canvas       243 cm x 121 cm        2015        RM 7,500.00

 Koo Yean Ni b.1994
 Original Story
Oil on canvas      100  x 90 cm      2015       RM 2,800.00
Floating over the sea
Oil on canvas      90  x 90 cm        2015        RM 2,800.00

Asyraf Ramli b.1987
 Stoned but Strong
Acrylic on canvas      91.44  x 121.92 cm     2016      RM 3,000.00

Ahmad Amsyar b.1995
 The Beauty
Oil on wood plane       20  x 30 cm         2015      RM 1,000.00

 Fook Kuk Foong b.1987
 The wanderer
Charcoal & charcoal pencil on paper      56  x 80 cm      2015      RM 3,300.00

Charcoal & charcoal pencil on paper      130  x 97 cm       2015        RM 5,500.00

Aisyah Zainal b.1990
 Nadi 2
Mixed media on canvas      121.92  x 91.44 cm     2015       RM 1,500.00

Alexandra Hon b.1989
Father - The Workaholic
Oil on multiple layers of resin      60.96  x 60.96 cm      2015       RM 3,800.00
Mother - Tiger Mom
Oil on multiple layers of resin       60.96  x 60.96 cm       2015       RM 3,800.00

Syafiq Ahmad b.1995
Watercolour on paper      42  x 59 cm      2015       RM 1,000.00

Colmann Abdullah b.1982
Irksome Series (The Choke)
 Monotype on canvas board      30 x 42 cm      2015     RM 1,000.00
 Irksome Series (The March)
Monotype on canvas board      30 x 42 cm      2015     RM 1,000.00

Raden Hisbullah b.1993
 Untuk Sekuntum Kembang Di Taman Jauh
Graphite on paper      50 x 35 cm      2015      Rm 1,000.00

 Toh May Xuen b.1994
 ‘Awkward Wendy’
Silkscreen on 300gsm watercolour paper      14.7  x 14 .7 cm       2015      RM 760.00

Kendy Mitot b.1986
 Ritual Sacrifice For Upperworld
Etching, aquatint, watercolour & pen on paper      29.4  x 41.7 cm      2015      Rm 2,000.00

Ahmad Nur Fikri b.1987
 ‘ The Searcher’ 
Ink on canvas board       30  x 42 cm       2015        RM 2,000.00

 ‘Rootly Conversation’
Ink on canvas board        30  x 42 cm       2015        RM 2,000.00

‘Fishing the Lantern Fish’ 
Ink on canvas board       30  x 42 cm       2015      RM 2,000.00

Roza Khir b,1990
Mixed media          39  x 48 cm        2015       Sold

Febian Joe b.1995
Ceramic (cone 5) & fabric listing      30  x 30  x 122 cm      2015       RM 800.00

Syed Zamzur Akasah b.1988

 The ‘Yin _Yang‘
Ceramic,  glass & wood on wall       20  x 20  x 69 cm (two panel)       2015        RM 1,800.00

Afiq Faris b.1991

Wood, motor, screw, printer, printed images, A4 paper, metal, timer & wire      Dimension variables      2015          RM 2,300.00

Muhammad Idrus b.1989
 To Grow
Acrylic sheet, industrial paint & ready made      90 x 35 x 35 cm       2015       RM 1,2000.00

Huan Jia Jin b.1994

How Do You See Yourself, Activity :
“An Ideal Self”
Clay and writing on paper       Variable dimensions      2014         RM 800.00

gold frame and handmade paper       43.5 x 33.5 cm       2014       RM 600.00