NIGHTFALL showcases the luminous works of three (3) established artists illuminating the tranquility of the universe and its cosmoses. Experienced in the field, Haslin Ismail, Edroger Rosili, and Donald Abraham traverse time, space and dimension with their artworks, alluring the audience to seek within the inner boundaries of their minds. Exploring the fine lines between light and dark; peace and chaos; or day and night, NIGHTFALL explores the spaces in between.

The exhibition sets to be launched from 8-10 April at GMBB, Kuala Lumpur, in conjunction with the Art for All, Art Gala by Art Expo Malaysia.

Out of Sight

Haslin Ismail
Indian ink on canvas | 167.6 x 320 cm | 2022
RM 25,000

The dark night of the soul is a journey of soul searching. The process of eliminating those things that no longer serve your purpose. It’s both a death and a rebirth…a spiritual awakening – Haslin Ismail


Edroger Rosili
Acrylic, airbrush, sublimation on fabric, contact glue | 167.6 x 304 cm | 2022
RM 20,000

For the longest time I have been curious about the idea that darkness is the initial state of universe, and light is the energy that exist from a source of power which occurs inside the darkness setting. Lately, I began to doubt this, when I think of the possibility that darkness itself is not merely nothingness, but an object of creation, as does space, time, gravitational force and love. - Edroger Rosili

Growing at Night I

Donald Abraham
Acrylic on canvas | 165 x 205.7 cm | 2022
RM 10,000

Growing at Night II

Donald Abraham
Acrylic on canvas | 78.7 x 71.1 cm | 2022
RM 3,000

The sky grew darker painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shade of night. Night is purer than day, it is better for thinking, loving and reaming. At night everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the y takes on new and deeper meaning. - Elie Wiesel