Parallel Poem DUO by Amy Nazira & Safar Zin

Parallel Poem is an art exhibition consisting of two young talents which is Amy Nazira & Safar Zin. The exhibition is a mixture of visual & literal art where the artists are using Malay poetry or pantun as their theme and showing their understanding of it by expressing them in visual form.'

Working out together, Amy Nazira and Safar Zin know that the key is to celebrate individual apprehension of looking at things. Both artists have their own interpretation and have different contemplation on the subject that they chose. But the main thing for sure is to uphold and affirm the beauty of our local language in the poetry perhaps for the viewer to be more critical in looking at things.

Not to linearly seeking for an answer but both the art and the poetry leave different marks in their own blank page, one for the eye, and one for the ear. These forms of expressions should interact with one another, but not merely restate the same message. Their interaction should be more subtle than that, with the painting not directly representing a visual iteration of the subject in the poem but more towards different manifestation of image.