My latest works are 6 paintings in oil and acrylic depicting two of the famous tragic characters in the early history of China and among the more popular plays in the traditional Chinese Opera namely Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu and his loyal consort Yu. These two characters were made famous to the world through Chen Kaige’s film ‘Farewell My Concubine’, based on the novel by Lilian Lee. The film starred the late Leslie Cheung and Gong Li. The film was awarded the Cannes Palm d’Or. 

Initially, the idea was sparked by the current political tit-for-tat between opposing parties and their supporters in the country. However, it developed into something deeper. I feel that in general, all this power struggles that are being played out in the political arena are like the performances in a Chinese opera. Xiang Yu, also known as Ba Wang was a ruthless and treacherous conqueror, who is courageous but lacks wisdom, which led to his downfall while Consort Yu exemplifies the epitome of loyalty,  

The Ba Wang character is actually caught between the struggles of his higher and lower self as represented subtly by the hero and demon characters of the Wayang Kulit that is reflected on his face. The fact the Ba Wang was too ashamed to escape back to his place of birth and committed suicide after losing the battle shows how greed and lust can have destructive ends.

The idea that a life is but a fleeting moment helpless to the ebb and flow of time and circumstances is symbolized by another supporting character from the wayang kulit and the fresh and dried flowers painted on the head dress of the Consort Yu, who had earlier committed suicide to release the burden on Ba Wang before his final battle.  

Life is Like a Drama 1
2013 / Oil on canvas / 80 x 100cm / Sold

Life is Like a Drama 2
2013 / Oil on canvas / 94 x 114cm / Sold

Life is Like a Drama 3
2013 / Oil on canvas / 123 x 123cm / Sold

Life is Like a Drama 4
2013 / Oil on canvas / 123 x 123cm / Sold

Life is Like a Drama 5
2013 / Oil on canvas / 144 x 120cm / Sold

Life is Like a Drama 8
2014 / Acrylic on canvas / 183 x 152cm / Sold

Life is Like a Drama 7
2014 / Acrylic on canvas / 100 x 170cm / Rm7000

Life is Like a Drama 6 - Old House
2014 / Acrylic on canvas / 100 x 170cm / Rm7000


The Industrial Revolution began in England as early as the 18th century. It later expanded to all of Europe, North America and subsequently throughout the world. Its profound impact on the lives of people around the world has been immeasurable. Due to this, the Industrial Revolution has been referred to as a very important starting point for a new chapter in the development of human history.

During the Industrial Revolution, the train was undoubtedly one of the major contributors to the dynamism of this new mechanized era as it provided a reliable form of locomotion that could transport people and goods in vast quantities and over great distances faster and safer. Land-based commercial activities grew increasingly larger which resulted in intense labour demands and subsequently a sharp increase in household income. The advent of the train also saw previously local products becoming more accessible further afield.

In my work, I depict the train as a means that carries with it the waves of change in human civilization. The ebb and flow of human civilisation will continue unabated, maturing and consolidating over the passage of time.

 To Enlightenment
2013 / Oil on canvas / 200 x 220cm / Sold

 Welcome to the Machine (Collaboration with Michael Downs)
2012 / Oil on canvas / 205 x 242cm / Rm11500

 Keretaku Tak Mau Berhenti # 1
2013 / Oil on canvas / 200 x 300cm / Rm11500 (Reserved)

 Keretaku Tak Mau Berhenti # 2
2013 / Oil on canvas / 200 x 300cm / Rm11800

Dahulu, Sekarang, Dan Masa yang Akan Datang Kita Tetap Kaya Raya
2012 / Oil on canvas / 170 x 200 / Rm6800 (Reserved)