STRANGER by Carlo Acerden Gabuco
STRANGER by Carlo Acerden Gabuco

on 22 May 2010, 8pm
at HOM, Ampang

The exhibition runs from 22 May - 5 June 2010

What are the things that can catch your attention? What are the things that can evoke emotions out of you? Is it the coal-colored beggar sleeping on the sidewalk, uncaring to the world? Or is it the image of children playing amidst a cluttered and untidy surrounding?

As you go about your daily existence, say driving or walking to and from work for instance, does the image of a seemingly zany old woman shouting on the other side of the road make you stop or do you just continue driving or walking oblivious to what’s happening?

When it comes to the society you belong to and the thousands and thousands of images, scenes, personal, social, political, economical and religious problems and issues you encounter and witness on a daily basis, what makes you come to a halt, what makes you ponder, what drives you mad, what brings you joy?
What are the things you scrutinize and what are the things you’re apathetic about? These are a few questions that the artist wants to address in his exhibit.

Large-scale paintings and hard-hitting photographs will be presented in the exhibit. The paintings and the photos display events and occurrences ranging from the most ordinary to the most intense. Most of the images are captured on the streets and feature the society in which the artist is a part of. The artist wants to create a narrative using the images to share to the audiences some of the millions of the things he often sees and the emotions he feels while looking at them.

Through the paintings and photographs, the artist wants to challenge the audiences to start taking an examined look on the things and issues happening around them and cease turning the other eye on things no matter how small or mundane they appear to be. 
Cristina Diaz

Carlo Acerden Gabuco
Born 1981 in Laguna, the Philippines, Carlo practised painting from the Philippines Women's University's College of Fine Arts.

Carlo has participated in a number of group exhibitions since 2001, the most recent being a solo in his homeland and a group exhibition in South Korea. He was one of the finalists of the Philip Morris Philippines Art Awards held at the Philippines National Museum.

In recent years, he was artist-in-residence at Dangsan, South Korea, and HOM, Kuala Lumpur.

His first solo exhibition was 2008's 'Point Blank' at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manilla. Carlo lives and works in Manila.


2010 / Oil on canvas / 152 x 152 cm / RM9,100
 The Addicted
2010 / Oil on canvas / 122 x 183 cm / RM10,500
The Eclipsed
2010 / Oil on canvas / 122 x 183 cm / RM10,500
 The Martyr
2010 / Oil on canvas / 122 x 183 cm / RM10,500 / Sold

 The Stranger
2010 / Oil on canvas / 122 x 183 cm / RM10,500
 The Wanderlust
2010 / Oil on canvas / 122 x 183 cm / RM10,500

2010 / Oil on canvas / 183 x 244 cm / RM15,000 / Reserved
Under Exposed
2010 / Oil on canvas / 183 x 183 cm / RM12,000
2008 / Oil on canvas / 183 x 122 cm / RM11,000
Anger - Less
2008 / Oil on canvas / 183 x 168 / RM12,000
 Metro Gwapo (Urban Facelift) Series of 8
2010 / Giclee on archival paper / 41 x 58cm / RM1,200 each
 Metro Gwapo (Urban Facelift) Series of 30
2010 / Durst lambda on archival paper / 30 x 46 cm / RM1,000 each