It has come to our realisation that managing an archive is a never ending story, and certainly requires a high level of passion, patience and dedication. We at MARS have also realised that operating with only one full-time staff and a few part-timers, and, furthermore, within a very tight budget, leaves us with not much choice but to constantly reach out to outside help to keep going. Therefore, our reliance on contributors and volunteers to assist us in various aspects, including financial backing, material acquisition and documentation work, has never ceased since day one. MARS would like to thank them all for their sincere commitment and solid support. 

After nearly six years since its inception in December 2012, MARS have collected more than 3500 pieces of archival materials. At present, our repository holds 515 audio and video documentations of art-related events, and 3,232 printed materials. It is partly thanks to the generous donations of numerous galleries, institutions and individuals that we have thus far been able to expand the number of printed materials in our archive and library. We greatly appreciate their understanding of our vision, and we look forward to receiving their continuous assistance in the future.  

We are particularly glad that within this year we have received some significant contributions to our collection. At least three are worth mentioning here. Firstly, Puan Wairah Marzuki donated some books, journals, and other personal items from the estate of the late Ismail Zain. Secondly, the artist Amir Zainorin handed over a copy of a set of video recordings of interviews that he conducted together with Pia Poulsen from 2004-2005 with three important personalities in Malaysian art, namely, Redza Piyadasa, Rahime Haron and Jeri Azhari. Thirdly, Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory handed to us exactly 239 pieces of art related newspaper clippings that span from the year 1993 to 1998. . These specimens are highly precious as they can provide important information about and insights into Malaysian art during the period. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our earnest gratitude to Puan Wairah, Amir Zainorin and Shalini Ganendra for their very meaningful gesture.

About a month ago MARS have finally moved to its permanent space, just a few blocks away from its original venue. With this recent transfer, we are now ready to receive curators, researchers, writers, artists, scholars, collectors, art lovers as well as the general public who are interested in accessing and using the rich content in our collection for their research, reference and scholarship purposes. We also hope that by exploring and utilising our database, currently we believe very basic and limited, they can help us improve and develop it further.  

Apart from focusing on archival work, MARS have also initiated several other activities. One of them is the Planet Akal art talk series. Last year, we hosted two forums, respectively on curatorship and performance art. Earlier this year, we invited, on separate occasions, two Malaysian contemporary artists, Wong Hoy Cheong and Sharon Chin, to talk and discuss about their past and current projects and practices. Nazir Harith of Tintabudi gave an interesting presentation regarding the art of book covers of Malay literary publications from the 50s to the 70s. 

As part of our continuous drive to raise funds for MARS, we organised two exhibitions last year. The first, titled A1, was held in September and involved 34 artists. From this fourth edition of the Transit fund-raising showcase, we were able to raise a total of RM 67,691.25. The restaging of the Writer’s Portrait Series exhibition by Yee I-Lann was the second fund-raising event we arranged. It not only gave new audiences and collectors the chance to view this series of photographic work which was first and last shown in 2004, but also allowed us to raise RM 16,744.50 for MARS.

This year, 2018, we are pleased to organise yet again another edition of the Transit showcase. The theme is 3’ x 3’. Our greatest gratitude and respect goes to all the 28 invited artists, some of whom apparently have been participating since the first Transit edition.   

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Rebirth | Ramlan Abdullah
Stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, bolt and nut | 110 cm x 78 cm x 78 cm | 2018
RM 25,000

Hussein Enas | Ahmad Zakii Anwar
Charcoal, acrylic & pastel on paper | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 25,000

Break Through | Kow Leong Kiang
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 20,000 | Sold

South Wind | Chong Siew Ying
Charcoal and acrylic on mounted canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 15,000 | Sold

Untitled| Masnoor Ramli Mahmood
Mixed media photo print on 180gm photo paper | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 15,000

Miss Nature IV | Shia Yih Ying
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 8,000

River of Life | Bibi Chew
Acrylic on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 6,000 

GE14 series: Bagai Empedu Lekat di Hati | Stephen Menon
Screenprint, acrylic on paper (monoprint) | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 9,500

Untitled | Suddin Lappo
Ink on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 6,000 | Sold

Verdant Rainbow Delisquesce | Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi 
Mixed media on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,000 | Sold

Time Out New York City | Roslisham Ismail a.k.a Ise 
Collage on paper| 84 x 59 cm | 2018
RM 4,500 | Sold

Korban-korban | Samsudin Wahab
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 5,000 | Sold

Peneroka | Haslin Ismail
Acrylic and paper collage on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 4,500 | Sold

Dalam Setandan Pisang, bukan Semuanya Buruk | Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj
Charcoal, acrylic and bitumen on linen | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 5,500 | Sold

Pencakar Langit... | Faizal Suhif
Mix media on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 4,500

Chroma-Genesis | Edroger Rosili
Acrylic on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,500

Cerita dari Dapur | Anisa Abdullah
Collage on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 4,200 | Sold

Equilibrium | Fendy Zakri
Acrylic on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,000 | Sold
Escape From The City#3 | Syahrulniza Zaini
Digital photo print, epoxen resin on board |91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,500 | Sold 

Vulture Couture | Arif Fauzan Othman
Encaustic on board | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 8,000 | Sold 

Personal Moment for Everyone of Us | Khairudin Zainudin
Spray can and scratch on aluminium | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 5,000

Pekan Ampang#1 | Fadhli Ariffin
Acrylic on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 4,000

Radiasi Benda Hitam | Nik Mohd Hazri
Charcoal and pastel on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,600 | Sold 

Hujan di Taman Cendawan | Syed Fakaruddin
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,000 

Bisik dari alam(IBU) | Hisyamuddin Abdullah
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 3,500

Indulge | Yuki Tham
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 2,900 | Sold

Penjaga | Amy Nazira
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 1,800

Pull Through | Raimi Sani
Oil on canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2018
RM 2,500 | Sold