Arcawan II

Arcawan is a series of sculpture exhibition aiming to introduce our sculptors specially the young and new to the artscene. ‘Arcawan II’ is a follow-up show of ‘Arcawan’, an all-sculpture exhibition that was well received at HOM Art Trans earlier this year. This time around, the exhibition features a lineup of eight artists from mid-career artists to the emerging sculptor. 

Showcasing a total of 14 three-dimensional artworks, the exhibition presents a collection of contemporary pieces that are informed by conventional techniques and teachings. The exhibition celebrates not only the physical works on display, but also the brilliant individuals behind them.

Sculptors combine years of expertise in craftsmanship and thorough understanding of materiality to create three-dimensional forms that depicts a specific vision. These forms range from free standing sculptures and pedestal displays to wall pieces that can be extended into elaborate installations. The conceptual aspect of sculpting is what sets sculptors apart from regular craftsmen. They are individuals that can use rudimentary materials to communicate a vast range of human emotions, from ones that are tender and delicate to violent and ecstatic.

Artists involved in ‘Arcawan II’ are Abdul Hakkam Hafiz, Ali Bebit, Amirul Yazid, Azmi Amran, Faiz Yunus, Hilal Mazlan, Mat Ali Mat Som and Muhammad Faris and they presenting an eclectic mix of works that responding to a variety of themes. Hakkam and Faiz take inspiration from nature, with Hakkam being inspired by the sincerity and simplicity of the natural world and Faiz interpreting it as a metaphor for transformation and experimentation. Faris uses repeated motifs to give homage to a loved one; Azmi explores ageing and fragility. Amirul explores materiality by creating thin metal works inspired by origami, and Ali Bebit criticises our mobile phone addiction with a whimsical sculpture resembling a man taking a selfie with a gun. While Mat get his inspiration during pandemic as individual and country is put under a new challenge.


Leaf Man

Hakkam Hafiz
45 cm x 42 cm x 22 cm
RM 1,200 / Reserved

My work is inspired by the leaves in nature - revealing an unexpected beauty in an unseen way. I love the challenge of creating a 3- Dimensional object and my particular interest is in the dramatic sculptural form that nature creates transforming it into a human face - ‘ Leaf Man ‘
Leaf can represent a various aspects of one’s life as it is in fact frequently used to represent the symbol of life
By engaging with the natural world, l hope to create a sculpture that reveals the subtle relationship and similarities between humans and nature.
On the other hand, ‘ Leaf Man ‘ symbolically refers to those who live to serve - helping others throughout their life but was often forgotten and seldom being appreciated just like a leaf that plays the same role in a tree, providing oxygen - ( the most vital thing in life ) to mankind and all living things.
I hope to live life sincerely......just like a leaf

Home ( I )

Abdul Hakkam Hafiz
Brass & Concrete
70 cm x 22 cm x 26cm
RM 1,500

Home ( II )

Abdul Hakkam Hafiz
Brass and concrete
45 cm x 30 cm x 16 cm
RM 1,000 / Reserved

Home' became my source of inspiration. Covid 19 had a big impact on my life. Day after day during MCO I went alone and that experience really tested my mental strength. From another angle I see how 'Home' plays an important role in life. 'Home' is a place to rest. 'Home' is a place for us to be our true selves. 'Home' is also a place to build memories. The story in each house may be different but it is certain that each house will create life memories for the people who live in it

Heaven and Earth Siries -  Anabatos

Mat Ali Mat Som
Metal & Industrial Paint
120 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm
RM 17,000

The series of works was inspire from the impact of the last covid 19 Pandemic has truly become the culmination of all new challenges for all citizens of the world. Great challenges and challenges for every individual, organization or even a country. A challenge between life and death. Suspect horrible for those who are just starting to gain a foothold, as well as those who are already stable. But it still has a positive effect on humanity, thinking, united and rising up in various ways in order to continue survival. The height of patience, the height of emotional upheaval, the height of suspicion, the height of human toil, but gallantly trying to get out of the painful crisis despite being aware that the burden of the task and the challenges ahead are still vague and uncertain. Therefore, the need for perseverance and tenacity of mankind to continue to thrive is desirable for a more secure future.

Mortal Engine

Hilal Mazlan
Wood , Stainless Steel & AC Motor
48 cm x 48 cm x 91 cm
RM 4,500 / Reserved

In my work, I am  focusing on motion or in other word kinetic and mobility. The underlying theme is one that started with the beauty of machines in motion. Taking an abstract idea and turning it into a physical object that "works" is a thrilling experience. I am applying a kind of contemplative motion.
Moving and motion, were so much related to us human. Even the improvising aspects in technology always improve in transportation aspect, so that human can move faster. As for me, the motion that I created is usually based on repetition .


Ali Bebit
Matel & Stainless Steel
40 cm X 50.8 cm X 78 cm
RM 4,500 / Reserved

Mr. Selfie tells about the current lifestyle that often uses selfies (selfies) and becomes a habit that all people use. In selfies, there are many filter methods that can change the face to be beautiful and look like someone else's face. The selfie application shows a fake face and not the real self. Because selfies will also lead to self-destruction if it becomes an addiction in today's social media.


Muhammad Faris
Mixed Media ( Scrap Metal & Tire )
72.5 cm x 86 cm x 56.5 cm
RM 3,000

My artwork titled "Tujah" is a piece that depicts the Malay proverb "Patah Sayap Bertongkat Paruh" which means continuous effort without giving up hope. The proverb I apply in this work is actually a reflection of the context of the work which is how I observe the sources waste materials or objects in the environment while producing works based on recycled waste sources. The waste materials used in my work are more likely to be scrap metal and tires as a mixed media sculpture. 

Through the production of these sculptures, proverbs as a platform for challenging my mind, and test materials through my own form of art practice by visualizing the proverb in the form of 3D works and working on the potential form of waste materials from different angles to become an alternative medium in artworks. Also in line with the applied Malay saying, my work "Tujah" emphasizing the importance of maximizing the resources around us to always find solutions, and adapt through any situation of resistance.

Jeruju Kembang Lelan

Azmi Amran
Mild Steel & Glass with 2K
121 cm x 48 cm x 24 cm
RM 1,800

Through my years as a sculptor, I've using the medium that fragile and ageing . My shards strive to capture this emotion that's so personal yet universal using a combination of refracted light, bold staining and unique sculptures. While the pieces are off-limits, I hope they encourage you to get in touch with the feelings you may have been avoiding or grateful. 

Siri Temuju ( Jambu Air )

Faiz Yunus
Steel & Paint Effect
91 cm x 91 cm x 45 cm
RM 4,500

“Art consider vital to us, culture, society and economy, it’s bringing new thing to the world”. The skills created by perfect learning can shape the personality of producing good artworks. Art is a person's imagination and is realized in various forms and should be shared with the general public. 

I think of my artworks as a by-product of transformation, a translation of inner vision to outer reality. I consider the potential and charms behind the disparate energies of metal/steel knotted to create a dynamic, sensuous and organic disposition. 

I am guided by both emotions and form throughout the process of nurturing and developing this piece- inquiring into different shades, exploring the capacity for change. While the use of a variety of techniques and processes are premeditated, the hope is always to reveal the nature of the material in an almost accidental nature, allowing spectators to analyse and experience the artwork individually

Siri Temuju ( Langsat )
Faiz Yunus
Steel & Paint Effect
91 cm x 91 cm x 45 cm
RM 4,500

My work stands as a reminder of the relationship between man and nature, even when the world around us is becoming increasingly distant and removed from its basic, united core. Therefore with the colours I use being clearly man-made, the outcome of my collaboration with them is a fuzzy divide between nature and structure; texture and form; colour and space. This results in a strong symbiosis between the formal elements of my artworks. Artwork with the surroundings, both its architecture and nature. 

I create art that challenges people's expectations. My exploration and experimentation create tension between unity and balance; despite the sheer audacity of weight and volume, or perhaps because of it - the colours can flow freely, suggesting an eventual evolution into poetry and melodies. Ideally, the viewer engages with my work at the subconscious level, allowing the interaction to create a personalized, unique experience". 

John Dewey, 1980 in his book "Art as Experience", states that all human activity and behaviour are considered anxiety. It is also considered as a sign of emotion


Azmi Amran
Mild Steel & Glass with 2K
91 cm x 91 cm
RM 2,400


Muhammad Faris

Mixed Media 

66.5 cm x 15 cm x 76 cm


RM 1,500

The work "Irama" explores the composition of repeated forms in my work. It is the result of a combination of mixed media variations forming a repetition of the grid nature of the gear subject while also displaying unity in the work. However, the context implied in this work is that it is a sign of my appreciation to the individual who is the catalyst in my passion in composing recycled materials to work of art, which is my mother. Since my childhood, I was inspired by the by my mother’s creativity, who was able to produce beautiful compositions for example in the form of wedding favours even using alternative materials based on recycling. The subject of gear as a symbol of my artistic journey is always in collecting, observing and composing the materials around me to be regenerated in the form of artwork. There is the word "MAK" and the arrangement of a flower moving in relation to the image of the heart which I insert through the composition of shapes in my work. It shows my mother has always been the heart of my motivation to create art as time goes on. 

Folding Illusion I

Amirul Yazid
Oil Painting & Spay Paint on Mild Steel Plate
35 cm x 121 cm
RM 2,500

My artworks inspired by the concept of origami which is focusing on the folding technique. The ideas come from a Japanese historical 'Thousand of Crane' which is symbolise of hope. I portrayed the meaning of hope trough this artwork which is paradoxically demonstrating the metal into the character of paper sheet. Basis technique of folding that has been applied in creating my artwork is the same technique uses in order to create an origami using a paper. By using the discipline of 3 dimensional (sculpture), I expand the understanding of drawing but remain the essence of sculpture.  In the context of materiality, the metal plate are used as a substitute to contradict element whereas the characteristic of paper such as weight, thickness, fragility and texture. The contradiction of the material characteristic are reversed in mimicked it as a paper to create a metaphor to human attitude. I wanted to create audience perception of paper's character by manipulated the materiality of the metal plate


Abdul Hakkam Hafiz HJ. Abdain is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Art & Design (AD) in University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, Selangor, specialising in contemporary metal design. Dr. Hakkam graduated in a Diploma (Fine Metal) before pursuing a BA (Hons) Art and Design (Fine Metal) and an MA in Design Technology in Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam. In addition to his teaching and administration responsibilities in the university, the artist holds membership positions in Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) and Balai Seni Visual Negara. In his artistic career, Dr. Hakkam has worked as a jewellery designer in Faiq Jewel Bangsar and S.WAN Jewels in addition to having been a craftsman at Tuan Aminudin Goldsmith Kota Bharu. The artist uses his industry experience and currently teaches degree-level courses in metalsmithing, laser cutting, stone setting, and jewellery and metalsmithing theory. Dr. Hakkam regularly attends and hosts conferences and training sessions in his field, and has published his research titled ‘The Value of Digital portfolio on Placing Graphic Design Graduates from Worker-to-Work Matches in Online Advertisement’

Mat Ali Mat Som is a Malaysian artist based in Kuala Lumpur. He was born in 1975 and completed his studies with a Bachelor of Fine Art, specializing in Sculpture, at Mara Institute of Technology in Shah Alam. Throughout his career, he has received several accolades, such as an Honourable Mention in the Philip Morris Malaysia Art Awards in 1999 and achieving 3rd place in the KL Sentral Sculpture Contest in Kuala Lumpur. He has also participated in a variety of solo and group exhibitions, including ‘Dendam Tak Sudah (2009)’ ‘Unsung Heroes’ (2013), ‘reSET’ (2022) and ‘In Dialogue’ (2023). Mat Ali Mat Som’s works have been featured in high profile art spaces such as Balai Seni Negara, KL City Art Gallery, and Maybank Gallery. 

Ali Bebit (b. 1985, Johor) is a fine artist and sculptor who has shown his works around the region as well as around the world. While the artist holds a MA in Art and Design, his reputation began in school when he was pursuing his Diploma in Fine Art at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) in Malacca where he was in the Dean’s list for 4 consecutive semesters. Ali Bebit was involved in the Alyonka Mail Art Project at the Yoshkar-Ola Museum of Fine Arts in Russia, La poste Fontenay Aux Roses Cedex in Paris, and received an Honorable Mention at the “The 1st NBC Tokyo Screen Print Biennial in Tokyo just to name a few. National Art Gallery as well as in numerous other shows with prestigious galleries around Malaysia. His works are a part of the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery and various private collectors both locally and abroad

Hilal B Mazlan graduated with a MA in Fine Arts and Technology from UITM Shah Alam in 2016 with a specialisation in sculpture. Hilal’s expertise in the field has led him to explore unconventional career paths in his life – prop making, set designing, mural painting, and custom furniture making, among many others. His various experiences inform his personal practise as a sculptor, where he continues to participate in creative pursuits that are regional, national, and worldwide. Some notable achievements include murals on city council walls, display setup for Universal Studios Singapore in Legoland Johor, winning the Malaysian Emerging Artist award in 2012, and being a finalist for Bakat Muda Sezaman hosted by the National Art Gallery. Hilal has had two solo exhibitions in his long career as a sculptor that has spanned over a decade. Since 2018, Hilal has worked as a permanent lecturer at UiTM Seri Iskandar, where he specialises in concepts and methods relating to sculpture making.

Faiz Yunus is a full-time artist who boasts an extensive repertoire in the commercial sector. Faiz has worked as a lecturer (UPM, UiTM), a creative director, a visual executive & production designer, a sculptor, a prop master, and a scenic artist. He is particularly experienced in product design and client relations. Faiz graduated with a MA in Fine Arts and Technology from UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor after completing his BA and Diploma in the same institution. During his MA, he participated in the 7th International Conference on Science & Social Research (CSSR 2020) along with a STPM visual arts textbook publication. Faiz has two solo shows under his belt – ‘KNOTS’, 2022 in NN Gallery, Ampang, and PLUS-THICK, 2020, in UiTM Shah Alam – and has participated in 64 group shows during his 17 years of exhibiting as an artist.

Muhammad Faris Bin Abdullah (b. 1999, Selangor) graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka before pursuing a Bachelor Of Fine Art (Hons) in UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor (2020-2022). During his final year in his Diploma, the artist earned the Vice Chancellor’s Award, Certificate of Appreciation for Best Drawing, and the Certificate of Appreciation for Best Student. In 2021, he underwent industrial training under Dr. Rosli Zakaria and eventually assisted Dr. Rosli in creating wall sculptures in Johor and Melaka. Muhammad Faris is a mixed media artist who explores the potential of repurposing waste materials in his art. In addition to being an exhibiting artist, Muhammad Faris is actively involved in mural painting, prop making for film sets, miniature crafting, and other creative projects. The artist has exhibited in hotels and galleries around the country and was an artist-in-residence at ProjektorNusantara 2.0 by Ground Zero Studio, Perak, in 2022.

Muhammad Amirul bin Md Yazid (b. 1996, Kuantan, Pahang) is an emerging artist who holds a diploma in fine art from UiTM Samarahan, Sarawak, and a degree in fine art from UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. Amirul held his first solo exhibition ‘LOGAMI’ in Sareng, Kuala Lumpur in 2022. After completing his degree show in 2019, Amirul went on to exhibit his works in Gambang Solar Research Centre, Central Market KL, the International Ipoh Art Festival, and Segaris Art Centre in that same year. Amirul participated in an art fair in Farenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang in 2021, and a millennial show in Pahang in 2020. Outside of being an exhibiting artist, Amirul is active in art awards. Amirul achieved a Bronze Medal in the Waste to Art Awards in 2018, and won first place in the Usaha Tegas Heritage Art competition in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Mohammad Azmi bin Mohd Amran (b.1995) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Klang, Selangor. Azmi completed his MA in Fine Art and Technology in 2021, and a Bachelors (HONS) of Fine Arts in UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. Azmi worked as an artist in residence in Bangkita Ceramic Studio, Sijangkang, Selangor in 2017. Azmi has worked as a prop/scenic artist, a mural artist, and has experience in carpentry with skill sets in metalwork, woodwork, and cement and rock carving. In 2023, Azmi participated in an exhibition by Jin Youngsun & Batu Belah Art Community, Hallyu Korean Wave in Malaysian National Gallery. Azmi has won the Pertandingan Arca Awam Jerami Padi in Penang, and a jury’s choice award in a Young Talents Search by the Malaysian National Gallery. The artist has completed mural works in Perak, Selangor, and Johor.