INTERES 2023 - Erika Mayo & Faye Abantao from Bacolod City, Philippines

Erika Mayo

is a contemporary Filipino artist whose expressive paintings reframe societal challenges through a woman’s-viewpoint of life. Her visual narratives gather intimate circumstances and expand them into a constellation of stories that, although presents obstacles, also ushers curiosity, and invokes courage.
She accomplished a mentorship program under Linangan Art Residency in 2022. She has participated in Art Fair Philippines 2023 under Regional Projects, and in the same year; Waves of Being at Vantage Contemporary, Makati City, Limbs at Qube Gallery, Cebu City and Modern Negrense Family at Orange Project, Bacolod City.

Faye Abantao

captures an essence of culmination in her multi- faceted art practice. She makes homogenous the panache of creative impulses such as origami, print, digital art, photography, painting, and craft. Her exhibits often constitute the Philippines’ wayward attempts to hide social dilemma which are saturated nonetheless within the collective and personal unconscious of its citizens.
Faye Abantao holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Advertising Design (La Consolacion College, 2015). Her exhibit- Don’t Forget to Remember was featured in Art Fair Philippines 2023. She opened two connected solo exhibitions; Personal Unconscious (Orange Project, Bacolod City, 2020) and Collective Unconscious (Ysobel Gallery, Makati City,

Photo by Aeson Baldevia


International Residency (INTERES) is a residency program that aims to promote the exchange of arts and culture between international visual artists, curators and art writers with the Malaysian art community.

The one-month residency act as a platform for international participants to learn about the local visual arts industry through establishing networks and future collaborative projects