‘♀’ is a part of HOM Art Trans’ ongoing initiative to showcase diverse works from both emerging and established groups of artists. In the May exhibition, women take centre stage as the gallery features an all-female selection. ‘♀’ features an eclectic blend of works, and serves as a reminder to the persevering female excellence within the Kuala Lumpur scene. HOM Art Trans recognises and acknowledges the contributions made by female artists in the Malaysian scene, and will always strive to ensure that no artist is left behind. The exhibition runs from 18th of May to 3rd June 2023.

Hang In There

Atiqah Khairul Anuar | Oil on Canvas | 122 x 61 cm | 2020 | RM3500

Obscured Space

Hannah Nazamil | Dye on Canvas | 30.5 x 61 cm | 2022 | RM1200

The Wonderer and Beast

Izwa Ahmad | Acrylic on Canvas | 46 x 100 cm | 2022 | RM1500


Joy Ng | Oil on Canvas | 92 x 105 cm | 2022 | RM2800

Fly, fly, fly

Liew Sze Lin | Plastic Woven Sack, Canvas Iron Wire on Stretcher Bar
40 x 30 cm | 2022 | RM2000

The Three Graces

Mary Ann Thomas | Digital Print on Canvas | 24 x 24 cm | 2022 | RM1600

Kelerai Motif II

Nor Tijan | E-Waste on Panel Coated with Epoxy Resin | 62 x 62 cm | 2020 | RM7500

Taman Kasih

Ony Jamsari | Acrylic on Canvas | 94 x 94 cm | 2022 | RM3500

Women's Mantra

Putri Amrizal | Thread + Fabric Patches on Raw Cotton Canvas | 70 x 50 cm | 2022 | RM800

Sleeping Sumandak

Rishya Roslan | Graphite on Paper | 75 x 55 cm | 2023 | RM3000

Flame of the Forest

Sharini Yogi | Acrylic on Canvas | 91 x 91 cm | 2021 | RM4000

Dancing Lady and Calathea

Shazlin Jalil | Acrylic on Canvas | 60 x 90 cm | 2023 | RM1680

Homage to an Artist, a Mother, a Plant Collector

Shia Yih Yiing | Oil on Canvas | 102 x 102 cm | 2022 | RM8000

Inner Peace

Syafiqah Sanusi | Acrylic on Canvas | 91 x 122 cm | 2023 | RM3500


Trixie Tan | Oil on Canvas | 80 x 100 cm | 2022 | RM3000
Tanda Shayang 1 & 2

Zarina Abdullah | Acrylic on Canvas | 60cm (diameter) | 2022 | RM1200 (each)


Atiqah Khairul Anuar (b. 1995) is a hyperrealistic visual artist based in Selangor. Using distinguishable brush marks in addition to hyperrealistic techniques, Atiqah explores themes of time, self, and current issues through everyday objects that are often overlooked.  Atiqah received formal art education from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) with an MA in Fine Arts and Technology. After graduating, she participated in residencies with Rumah Seni Selangor, Malaysia and Saung Banon Arts, Yogyakarta – where she was able to participate in various group exhibitions, allowing her to showcase her works alongside those of different artists.

Hannah is an artist based in Kuala Lumpur working with ink and dye. Hannah completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (HONS) a UiTM Shah Alam in 2016 and attained a masters degree in Fine Art and Technology in UiTM Jalan Othman in 2018. Hannah received the Vice Chancellor Award during her last year of study. In her personal practise, Hannah experiments with the push and pull between mediums, and explores flow and rhythm through fluid motions and negative spaces. While being an exhibiting artist, Hannah is a graphic designer and content creator, and has worked for Jalak Art Initiative as an exhibition coordinator. Hannah was an artist-in-residence for the Saung Banon Arts Residency in 2017, and commenced another residency at JALAK Art Initiative in 2020. Hannah has exhibited in venues such as TAKSU, Galeri Prima, Segaris Art Center, and Core Design Gallery.

Izwa Ahmad is a 26-year-old visual artist from Kangsar, Perak. Izwa is a self-proclaimed surrealist and makes paintings inspired by her childhood and personal life. Izwa spent her formative years (1997-2007) in Japan where she was exposed to Japanese animated media along with a culture that is ‘very supportive of the arts’. Izwa draws influence from those experiences and fuses them with local scenes and personal stories. The Japanese influence is particularly significant in her 2023 solo show, ‘Anything, Anywhere, All at Once’ that was held at Artas Gallery. Izwa graduated with a first-class degree in Fine Arts from UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor, and received six Dean’s List Awards during her time in university. While being a full-time student, Izwa was highly active in group shows around Kuala Lumpur, and has exhibited in galleries including A.P. Art Gallery, HOM Art Trans, White Box Publika, Nadine Fine Arts, and Fahrenhait88.

Joy Ng Mei Lok (b.1996, Kuala Lumpur) is an art teacher and practising artist based in Kuala Lumpur. Drawn to the complexity of the human mind, Joy seeks to explore changing emotions and how they shape experiences and narratives. Joy graduated from the Dasein Academy of Art in 2016 and has worked in the industry ever since. She has won the People’s Choice Award in Bakat Muda Sezaman 2019. She also took part in an artist residency at HOM Art Trans in 2018 and won 3rd prize in the Mixed Media category in Tanjung Heritage National Art Competition. She was also the finalist for several art competitions including Spotlight 2020 and United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year. Joy is currently furthering her studies in counselling work.

Liew Sze Lin is a graduate from Dasein Academy of Art where she acquired her Diploma in Fine Arts in 2010. Sze Lin currently lives and works in Kuala Lumpur. Sze Lin refines her observations of the world and explores them through perspective, contrast, colour, line, and harmony. Aside from conventional materials, Sze Lin experiments with found objects such as rice sacks, wires, and found fabric to create abstract objects and rendered forms. Sze Lin was an artist in residence at Hom Art Trans in 2018, and has since exhibited in galleries such as TAKSU, Balai Seni Maybank, Whitebox Publika, and The Back Room KL.

Mary Ann Thomas (b. 1963, Petaling Jaya) is a self-taught contemporary artist. Mary Ann worked as a graphic design instructor before painting full-time in 2018. Drawing inspiration from Lucien Freud, Mary Ann paints using oil on canvas with a focus on the expressions of her subjects as well as objects and spaces that are significant to them. Mary Ann’s works have been shortlisted twice, in 2016 and 2019 in the Emerging Artist Category of the UOB Painting of the Year Award and Penang Art Open (Selected Artist). In search of creating a new dialogue between her art and her audience, Mary Ann has recently been experimenting with interactive multimedia, more commonly known as Augmented Reality (AR).  Mary Ann's explorations in AR have their roots on paper. Plans become digital sketches, and sketches inspire 3D assets created in Blender. These assets are imported to Adobe Aero, Artivive, or Unity to add interaction and animation.

Born in Klang in 1986, Nor Tijan Firdaus grounds her art in a research-based approach which originates from her background in art academia. Tijan graduated with honours from UiTM, where she majored in sculpture and minored in painting. In the early period of her degree, Tijan was inspired by household waste that came with managing a young family, and sought to breathe new life into objects we commonly discard. Exploring themes of consumerism, sustainability and post-formalism, Tijan combines her knowlege in 2D and 3D platforms to create recognisable sculptures with readable, relief-like surfaces using materials sourced from her own home, or purchased from friends and recycling and waste plants. Electronic waste in particular, with its strong colours and minute detailing, become a base material from which she builds up forms and aesthetics to speak about the Malaysian condition, while seeking new ways to engage with the traditions of sculpture and assemblage art. In 2020 she held her first solo exhibition, ‘New Formal’ at Core Design Gallery which garnered both critical and commercial success.

Ony Jamsari is a full-time art teacher who graduated with first class honours from a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from UiTM Shah Alam in 2014. Ony’s CV boasts a range of achievements from dance performances to degree shows to group shows in galleries. Some notable exhibitions include ‘CAFFA’ at White Box, ‘RAWGOLD’ at Gallery Titik Merah, ‘Di Mana Young’ at the National Visual Art Gallery, and the ‘Korean ASEAN Exhibition’ at the Asean Korean Centre, South Korea. 

Putri Amrizal (b. 1986, West Sumatera) is a process-based and mixed media visual artist. Putri completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fine Arts at University Sains Malaysia in 2019 ad went on to pursue an MFA in Studio practise in the same university. Through various mediums – paper, plastic, ceramics, and textiles, Putri focuses on the exploration of materiality. The artist examines the meaning that materials hold and its connection to people and environments. Throughout her career, Putri has won multiple first place awards in competitions such as the Butterworth Art Open, Art on the Wall, 3R Sculpture Competition organised by SWCORP, and the Usaha Tegas Heritage Art Competition two years in a row. Putri is active in group shows and has exhibited in galleries such as HOM Art Trans, MGTF USM, UAB Building, and Hotel Maya. 

Rishya Roslan is a landscape architectural designer and visual artist currently based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Rishya completed her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from UiTM in 2020. Rishya specialises in pencil drawings and paintings of the human form that explore themes of intimacy and connection. In her architectural practise, Rishya is passionate about urban design and heritage preservation. Rishya’s strong connection to cultural ties is what connects both practises. 

Sharini Yogi is a abstract expressionist artist who began her career in 2018. Sharini believes that imperfections and oddities makes the world more interesting. She is fascinated by the endless possibilities of colour on canvas and creates works to find fulfilment and inner peace. Sharini works in mixed media – acrylics, oils, resin, ink, wax, and oil pastels - with every piece being centred on specific themes and explications. Over the years, Sharini has participated in various exhibitions and art auctions locally and abroad. Some notable examples include the Art Auction Borneo Fashion Week and the All-Woman Art Competition in Maryland, USA. Sharini’s work has been featured in the Star and the EXPAT Magazine.

Shazlin Jalil is a wearer of many hats – she is at once an entrepreneur, a brand strategy consultant, a digital marketing strategist, a creative director, and an illustrator. Shazlin has an 18-year career in the creative and communications industry, where she started as a designer before expanding her repertoire in branding and communication strategies. Shazlin co-founded Gallery Tropika, and also participates in local art exhibitions and coaches young artists occasionally. In her illustrative and vibrant artworks, Shazlin explores organic natural motifs through acrylics and mixed media. As an artist, Shazlin produces illustrations for merchandise and creates products such as greeting cards and adult colouring books. 

Originally from Kuching, Sarawak, Shia Yih Yiing’s career as a visual artist has seen her works travel as far as Bangladesh, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore alongside her many exhibitions in Malaysia. Yih Ying studied at the Malaysian Institute of Art and also holds a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Western Sydney. The artist has 8 solo exhibitions to her name, and her works have delved into themes of femininity and motherhood, often imbued with a sense of playfulness and metaphor. Her most recent so show was ‘Shia Yih Yiing: Telling Tales’, which was held at Chan Hampe Gallery, Singapore. Shia has numerous awards to her name. She was once recipient of the Commonwealth Foundation fellowship in Art & Craft, and in 2007, she was Alternate Artist for the Vermont Studio Center’s Freeman Fellowship. Her art has been collected by key institutions such as the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, PETRONAS, and they can also be found in major private collections.

Syafiqah Sanusi
Syafiqah Sanusi (b. 1999) is a Selangor based visual artist that specialises in realistic drawings and paintings. Syafiqah is ‘a proud Malaysian’ who uses her practise to draw attention to the beauty of Malay heritage, and presents traditional batik as a symbol of culture, identity, and creative expression. Syafiqah earned her Diploma in Fine Arts from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Seri Iskandar Perak, in 2020 and went on to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam. Since graduating her diploma, Syafiqah has been actively participating in shows around Kuala Lumpur. Examples of shows include RE(FRESH) 2023 by Fakulti Seni Halus ASWARA, EMERGENT II by Galeri Prima, MOSAIC by HOM Art Trans Gallery, and Transit Online 1 x 1 hosted by the Malaysian Art Archives and Research.

Trixie Tan Lu Man is an oil painter who was born in 1992 in Thailand. She went on to pursue a Diploma in Fine Arts at the Dasein Academy of Art, which she completed in 2014. She began a career as an artist ini same year upon joining a group exhibition titled “Catalysis Contemporary Art” organized by Dasein Fine Art. She also participated in festival residency programs in the same year. In 2013, Trixie won a Silver Award in the emerging artist category at the UOB Painting of the Year competition, and took part in an artist residency program hosted by G13 Gallery in Bali in 2015. She has participated in a number of group shows and had her first solo exhibition “Blossom” at HOM Art Trans in 2017.

Born in 1981, Zarina holds a Bachelor's Degree (hons)in fine arts from UITM Shah Alam. Zarina was trained as an artist but is an educator by profession. She began her artistic career in 1999 and has actively participated in competitions and exhibitions. Zarina had her solo show at the NSTP Art Exhibition Center in 2005, entitled "SWEET CARGO". The highlight of her career was winning the Grand Prize in the Nokia Art Awards in 2002. Throughout her career that has spanned two decades, Zarina has exhibited in Kustem Terengganu, Museum Losong Terengganu , Batu Nesan Pulau Omadal, Samporna , Sabah, UPM Bangi, Perak State Gallery, MPIK, Kajang, Selangor and KL Libraries. Zarina has participated in international projects such painting on the cruise ship "Pride of America" in Bremenhaven, Germany (2005), and exhibiting in the Korean Art Festival in 2004.