Whose identity?
HOM ART TRANS features the cultural investigations of Indonesian artist Choirudin

Kuala Lumpur, September 2013 – Fresh off exhibitions like JULAI and Young Guns, HOM ART TRANS is busy preparing for its next exhibition titled Bubblical Horizon. A solo exhibition by Indonesian artist Choirudin, the gallery will see its walls adorned with the artist’s paintings for two weeks.

Hailing from Jombang, Choirudin has been exhibiting in Yogyakarta and beyond Indonesia’s borders since 2001. In 2012, he was part of HOM ART TRANS’ regional residency programmed called SAGER.

Bubblical Horizons is Choirudin’s first solo exhibition and it explores the complexities of culture and identity today.

“In this show, I try to explain a notion called the ‘bubble phenomenon’, which refers to the simulations and imaginations in life, whether they are social, political, artistic, or religious. I use this theme as a vehicle to showcase the progression of my art from the very beginning until today,” explains the artist.

Works like Confidence Expectation, which features a beautiful Bollywood starlet, is a metaphor for how we often look to other cultures for answers, overlooking our own origins and identity. In other pieces, Choirudin blends different cultural icons to represent the exhibition’s central themes of identity, American hegemony, popular culture, the rise of Korea, and how we grapple to be true versions of ourselves.

“I hope my artworks serve as advice for all of us to be proud of our own culture and identities,” concludes the artist, whose last showing in Malaysia was at Art Expo Malaysia 2012.

Choirudin’s return to Kuala Lumpur fits in perfectly with HOM ART TRANS’ regional efforts over the last few years.

“Our gallery has been working actively with various regional counterparts and we have gotten a lot of good response for bringing in Southeast Asian artists. We feel that the local art scene benefits from this multicultural dialogue, and Choirudin’s works will only intensify that experience further,” argues gallery director, Bayu Utomo Radjikin.

Choirudin’s works will be on display at HOM from October 12-26. Entrance to Bubblical Horizons is free and all are welcome at the Ampang-based gallery.

For more information on Bubblical Horizons and HOM ART TRANS’ other activities, visit homarttrans.blogspot.com

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About Choirudin

Choirudin was born 1979 in Jombang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. Attending the Faculty of Visual Arts, he graduated from the Indonesian Institute of Arts-Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta) in 2008. He has garnered numerous awards such as The Best Still Life from the Indonesian Institute of Arts-Yogyakarta, The Best Work at the 24th Anniversary of ISI Yogyakarta and 1st Place for the MQR Calligraphy Painting Student Competition, Islamic University of Yogyakarta, just to name a few.

His work first came into public view with his first show Do’a Dalam Hening in 2001. Since then, Choirudin has actively exhibited in over 60 art shows around Indonesia as well as in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. His last show in 2013 was Astronomi at Suka Gallery in Yogyakarta. He has been an artist-in-residence with SAGER or the Southeast Asia Art Group Exchanged Residency, which is a regional residency programme organized by House of MATAHATI (Malaysia), TENGGARA Artland (Indonesia) and Projectspace Pilipinas (Philippines). In 2012 he founded SAGEJOGJA and is a co-organiser of the SAGE Residency in Yogyakarta.


Formerly known as House of MATAHATI (HOM), this Ampang-based institution was founded in 2007 and comprises a gallery and studio facilities. The space seeks to provide a venue for events conducive to the development of local and regional art, and one of HOM’s core objectives is to promote and nurture artists through its key programs.

These include MATAHATI Art Fund, MATAHATI Art Award, Malaysian Emerging Artists Award, the annual ARTriangle exhibition, and the MATAHATI Art Residencies. HOM ART TRANS also supports archival and documentation work under the stewardship of gallery co-director, NurHanim Mohamed Khairuddin.

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