HOM Residency

Is an artist residency programmed for the local young artist under the mentor of the MATAHATI.

The selected residences will be provided with the art materials and public transport allowance for them to produce an artworks in the studio space at HOM for the period of six months.

HR is workshop base residency. By attending the studio at the regular basis the residence will have more time on developing their skill and technique. A constant interaction between the resident and MATAHATI artist as well guest artists will generate more space for a better ideas and concept for the artworks.

Activities also will be insert to give the residence an exposure and maximizing the communication opportunities with the local art scene At the end of the residency period, an exhibition will be held to showcase all the artworks.

2008 Artist Residence
1. Azam Haris (1983) / B.A in Fine Art UiTM Shah Alam 2007
2. Ruzzeki Harris (1984) / B.A in Fine Art UiTM Shah Alam 2007
2009 Artist Residence (Feb-Aug 2009)
1. Hairi Hassan (1983) / B.A in Fine Art UiTM Shah Alam
2. Azizan Talkis (1984) / B.A in Fine Art UiTM Shah Alam
3. Melissa Lin (1982) / Bachelor Degree Course In Art Literature