It is indeed a tremendous honour and a great privilege for us to once again be able to host another series of Young & New exhibition. We at HOM Art Trans strongly believe in giving support for new breed of artists to develop their talents, and in providing a real chance for them to kickstart their careers and finally achieve their dreams. Thus, by presenting an array of remarkable works by a select group of fresh young talents in this exhibition, we hope to be able to introduce them and connect them to established networks and important players within the Malaysian art scene.

Out of 40 applications for this year’s exhibition, 11 artists were chosen. They were selected mainly based on their interesting and daring explorations in various aspects of art-making. While some of them seem to focus heavily on the technical side of art production, a few others appear to engage in bolder, unconventional forms, approaches and concepts. Issues and themes related to contemporary politics, society, culture and self seem to dominate this year’s entries. This indicates that current artists are largely becoming more interested in dealing with the social, political and cultural contexts and realities surrounding them. By addressing their views and concerns of the present situations in the Malaysian life, they certainly bring their function as artists in society to a new level of meaning, vitality and visibility. As such, they will not anymore be seen as mere makers of images and pictures but as critical commentators and narrators capable of disseminating ideas, messages and opinions to their audience in art galleries as well as to the general public out there.

Artists selected to participate in this Young & New exhibition have to bear in their mind that this exhibition only serves as a platform to motivate them to reach out into the real world of art in their own unique ways. They have to be reminded again that this and other similar shows are not meant to automatically guarantee their future success and survival. In order to achieve their full potential and eventually reach their aimed destinations, they have no choice but to keep on expanding their talents and skills, maintaining their discipline and bearing, developing their thinking and learning, and keeping in touch with the surrounding realities and changes. Only by doing such things perseveringly can they ever hope to succeed and survive in this long arduous journey, and to realise their dreams and achieve the targets that they have set for themselves.

Nur Hanim Khairuddin