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A meeting of Malaysian Emerging Artists with The Storyteller

Kuala Lumpur – June 2013, HOM ART TRANS present The Storyteller, a two-man show by Siund Tan and Gan Tee Sheng. The exhibition will open for public viewing from 12 to 26 June 2013. Audience will have the opportunity to witness different styles of works from local young emerging artists, as well as being able to contemplate on a compact selection of 11 mesmerizing paintings displayed within a small and intimate setting. Entrance to the exhibition is free. 

Siund Tan is originally from Kedah. He received his BFA in Graphic and Design from Curtin University of Technology, Australia.  Siund Tan works are derived from his fragmented ideas about the passage of time – the portrayal of representational imageries through different phases in life. “As I believe every single person has his/her own colorful timeline to tell” said the artist. Siund Tan’s richly decorated backgrounds in his paintings accentuate the visuals of his characters, objects and space. Like a storyteller he raises the human emotions by composing a recollection of childhood memories, and creates a naïve visual presentation.

Tee Sheng hails from Kluang, Johor, and is a graduate of Dasein Academy of Art in 2008. Gan Tee Sheng is interested in the human emotional expressions; particularly those repressed feelings that  are hidden deep under one’s intimate thought inspired by the desires of mankind. Intuition, illusion and subconscious mind were examined through visual images, and turned into symbolic icons to question how people handle and struggle in life. Gan’s works are not deriving from a totally dreamy or unconscious painting state. His paintings are developed according to his moods, without any rigid planning of sort. Based on his feelings meeting young people, engaging in jokes and adjusting himself to different phases of life, Gan plays with his imagination, reflecting various stages of his desires.

HOM is one of KL’s key art galleries and one of the main players in the industry that actively promotes exchange between local art communities. The gallery regularly hosts group exhibitions that feature local young emerging and artists from across the region. One of HOM’s main goals is to help encourage the local young emerging artists’ practices in art and to provide different levels of exchange among the Southeast Asian artists. Known as  an art space with its own niche programs, HOM has been running three types of residency programs such A-Res (Adopted Residency where Gan Tee Sheng participated in from February until May 2013), SAGE Residency and Inte-Res (International Residency).

For more details about the exhibition and HOM’s programmes in the past, visit homarttrans.blogspot.com, and for media inquires contact, Mimie Baharuddin at +6012 373 6004 (Mobile) / +603 9286 7004 (Office).