SOAP OPERA: Duo by Carlo Gabuco & Christopher Zamora

HOM ART TRANS’ latest episode stars Filipino artists Carlo Gabuco and Christopher Zamora

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – As one of Kuala Lumpur’s biggest proponents of Southeast Asian contemporary art and regional exchanges, HOM ART TRANS is proud to present the works of Carlo Gabuco and Christopher Zamora this month.

Both based in Manila, the duo will be exhibiting under the header ‘Soap Opera’ and the exhibition will run at HOM ART TRANS from September 20 – October 4, 2014.

The exhibition’s title, ‘Soap Opera’, was selected as a reference to the popularity of this TV show format in the Philippines, and how the artists view it as analogous to a sense of apathy within society.

“Soap operas are very popular in the Philippines. Every night, it invades every house in every neighborhood in the country. The stories are mostly recycled, scripts are poorly written and acting is average, but many people relate their lives to it, it gives many hope, it makes people forget their anxieties and stress on either personal or societal level. Weather it’s a good thing or not we don’t know. This exhibit hopes to show the soap opera like culture we have. Same issues for the past couple of decades, same politics, same promises, same struggles only in this soap opera most people are already indifferent,” the artists explain. 

Gabuco and Zamora bring this societal conundrum to life through paintings that centre on realism and whose subject matter evoke a sense of melancholia, drama, and urgency. And, audiences can expect a mĂ©lange of old and new works in ‘Soap Opera’, a deliberate move by the artists to emphasize their views on their country. 

“We hope to prove a certain point, which is that we believe that some of the issues that we’ve tackled before are still relevant up to this day, and we – as part of the Philippine society – are still striving to resolve most of those issues,” argue the duo.

Whilst Gabuco and Zamora refer to societal issues within Filipino society, the notion of complacency and a lack of change is universal. 

“The issues addressed by the artists are relevant in many parts of the world today, especially in this region. Malaysian audiences will definitely be able to relate to the matters put forward in their artworks and we hope that they’ll be able to draw similarities and gain an added perspective into their own lives,” adds Bayu Utomo Radjikin, HOM ART TRANS’ director.

Interestingly, ‘Soap Opera’ marks another milestone with HOM ART TRANS for the duo. Gabuco’s relationship with the gallery extends back to 2008, when he participated in the regional group exhibition ARTRIANGLE. He then went on to participate in the gallery’s INTERES Residency programme and have a solo exhibition at the space, whilst Zamora’s involvement with the gallery began in 2011 when he participated in the first-ever SAGE Residency programme, then continuing to act as a point-of-liaison for the gallery’s other activities in Manila.

“It’s these relationships that we aim to foster throughout the region and we are so pleased to welcome the very talented Gabuco and Zamora back to HOM ART TRANS. Their talents are unquestionable and we don’t foresee our relationship with these artists ending with ‘Soap Opera’. You could say that there’ll be another episode to look out for!” adds Bayu Utomo. 

Tune in to ‘Soap Opera’ at the Ampang-based gallery from September 20 – October 4, 2014. Entrance is free and all are welcome.

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Artist's Profile

Christopher H. Zamora (b.1978)

Studied Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University in 1998, Christopher Zamora has built a steady career as an artist since the late 90’s with exhibitions across his own country, as well as in China, Korea, UK, Indonesia and Malaysia. Notable shows include “Multiple Languages” (Silverlens Gallery, Manila) Reload (Project Space Pilipinas, Lucban,Quezon) Unbearable Lightness of Being (Finale Art File)  in 2014, “No Randon None Sense” (Boston Gallery,Manila)“The Mona Lisa Project” (Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila) in 2013, “Pleasing the Future” (Altromondo Arte Contemporanea, Manila) in 2012, “We Was There” (Yuchengco Museum, Manila) in 2011, Yeosu “International Art Festival” (Yeosu City, Korea) in 2010, and “Tenggara: Recent Paintings from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines” at Novas Gallery, London in 2009.

Zamora also boasts eight solo exhibitions to his name, including “Dk” at the West Gallery in Quezon City, Philippines just last year.“Thingness” (TV12 Gallery, Seoul, Korea) in 2012, “Quicksand” (Republikha Gallery, Manila) in 2011, “Sorrowful Mysteries” (Project Space Pilipinas) and Infectious (West Gallery, Manila) in 2009.  In terms of his art, Zamora’s works have evolved over the years and the artist continues to gain traction across the region, as evidenced by the number of awards and residencies that he has chalked up in the last six years. Highlights include time on the Neo-Emerging Artist Residency (Near) in Project Space Pilipinas and Seoul, Korea, as well as the International Artist Studio Program at the IASK Goyang National Art Studio, Korea.

The artist, along with his fellow residency artists across the region recently completed the cycle of Southeast Asian Group Exchange Residency (SAGER) at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur, SAGE Jokja, Yogyakarta & Project Space Pilipinas, Manila. 

Carlo Acerden Gabuco (b.1981)

Carlo Acerden Gabuco holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Philippine Women’s University in Manila and has been exhibiting since 2001. The artist’s list of exhibition credentials extends to shows both in and out of the Philippines, including the Philippine Art Awards (PAA) at the National Museum of the Philippines in 2006, Plastic Syndrome at Art Space Plastic in Incheon, South Korea in 2009, and CUT 2012, New Photography from Southeast Asia at the now-defunct Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore in 2012.

Asides from this, the artist also has a number of solo exhibitions under his belt. 2008 saw Point-Black, the first of his solos, which took place at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and this was followed by others, such as Stranger at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur (2010), Quagmire at The Artesen Gallery + Studio, Singapore (2011), and last year’s …because the world failed to end at Finale Art File, Makati City.

Gabuco’s art awards include Finalist awards at the Metrobank Young Painters’ Annual in 2002 and the Philippine Art Awards of 2006, and the artist has also participated in Project Space Pilipinas’ Neo-Emerging Artist Residency (NEAR), which saw him exhibiting in both his home country and in Dangsan, South Korea. Aside from his art practice, the artist has also lectured at the Casa San Miguel Visual Arts Program.