HOM October INTERes

Veronika Neukirch makes assemblages, collages and installations by combining art- & DIY materials with everyday objects to create a new visual dynamic. Decoding the aesthetics of consumerist objects, reusing and developing them as well as using the object itself lies at the heart of her practice.
Often taking a positive look at artificiality, she utilises Science-Fiction, Kitsch, Pop-Art and Minimalist aesthetics to humorously question our relationship with objects, fine art conventions and taste hierarchies.

Waves Series
2012 / MDF board, photoshopped found picture, latex sheet, spray paint, acrylic paint, found Perspex shards, varnish, found object , raw soap /  85 x 120 x 5 cm; 60 x 120 x 5 cm ; 85 x 120 x 5cm

Der Rundgang ist kein Ponyhof
2012 / Clay, varnish, toy pony, candle holder & glitter / 80 x 130 x 35cm

2012 / 2 canvases, oil paint, acrylic paint, 2 plastic lids, mirror, rosary segments & sponge / 54 x 36 x 47cm