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DUOA: Eternal Duties will exhibit whether their roles as `mothers and mentors’, that have become their `eternal duties’, are reflected through their installation works at HOM Art Trans.

KUALA LUMPUR, SEPTEMBER 2015 – For the month of September, HOM Art Trans presents DUOA: Eternal Duties, a contemporary art exhibition featuring two established female artists; Bibi Chew and Sharmiza Abu Hassan. 

DUOA is an exhibition of new works that project both artists’ recent thoughts and discoveries in their art making. Notions concerning their roles as `mothers and mentors’, that have become their `eternal duties’, are reflected through their installation works. 

DUOA is is a combination of Duo (as to define two-woman show), Doa (as their hope, thoughts & deeds) and Dua (as to represent two combined/common sources of inspiration coming from two individuals). As the ideas extend further through their installations, this show will hopefully be among other significant events that refreshes and highlights their roles and important presence in the Malaysian contemporary art scene. 

Moved by issues of cultural identities, Bibi delves into subjects concerning race, environment and gender, presenting their essences through familiar looking objects. Living in a nation where even one’s identification card details race, the issues of cultural differences and institutionalised ethnicity are unavoidable. Bibi deals with these issues pragmatically, combining an acknowledgement of reality and an ability to see beyond containment. 

Sharmiza’s works on the other hand, dealt with her Malay Muslim female sensibilities in recalling her childhood memories, Malay folklores, myth and legend. She extends literary metaphors and traditional craftsmanship into contemporary approach, often using found industrial materials such as metal, fabrics and objects to create subtle and provocative sculptures and installations.

Both artists graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne. As stated by Sharmiza “Indeed, identity and diaspora represented in past works during our stay there usually resembled the essence of our Malaysian identity in a distinct contemporary method.” This show will exhibit whether their training and exposure in Australia have any influence in their approaches and styles, specifically. Guest writer, Associate Professor Hasnul Jamal Saidon will be sharing his observation through an essay in the exhibition catalogue.

Both artists have been active locally and internationally since the 90s. They have participated in many art events and activities namely amongst others, Sonneratia Art Camp 2000, ALAMI: Science +Art Camp: Mount Kinabalu 2002, National Visual Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Young Contemporary Art Competitions and Out of the Mould, a 10 women artists exhibition in Galeri Petronas in 2007.

The exhibition will be officiated on the Saturday, 19th September at 8 PM by Ybhg. Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Malaysian Socio-political Activist & Writer. It will run until 3rd October 2015. Everyone is invited to come and join the opening ceremony. Admission is free.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday, 11am – 6pm and Saturday, 1pm – 6pm. For more information and enquiries, do contact HOM Manager, Mimie Baharuddin at +6 012 373 6004 or visit our website at www.homarttrans.com.