Versus Animal #1 is a social commentary art exhibition to criticize the inhuman behavior of men that think they are far superior to any other living being. The exhibition consists of 10 emerging young artists namely, Amy Nazirah, Fadhli Ariffin, Hazul Bakar, Nik Shahfiz, Roza Khir, Safar Zin, Syahbandi Samat, Syed Zamzur Akasah and Syukur Rani.

The exhibition also touches the relationship among human, animal and nature and the importance of keeping the relationship between the three of them. Versus Animal #1 is co-organized between ChinaHouse, Penang and HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur. It exhibition will happen at ChinaHouse, Penang during the Georgetown Festival which is 29 July – 31 August 2016.