Symbol & Gesture by Amri Ibrahim & Aqim Adil


Symbol & Gesture

Symbol & Gesture highlights the works of two artists, Amri Ibrahim and Aqim Adil, who employ pictorial and body language as a subject of expression in their paintings and drawings. As forms of non-verbal communication, symbols and gestures are a part of our everyday lives. They both serve the purpose of delivering information and facilitating understanding.

Gesture refers to the movement of a part of the body. It is frequently used to convey sentiments, ideas, emotions, or attitudes, and has been ingrained into the way we express ourselves daily, both unconsciously and consciously. Similarly, symbols come in the shape of marks, signs, characters, and imagery. They are designed to represent or indicate an instruction, warning, ideas, and more. We encounter symbols every day, from emojis on our phones to road signs, and restaurants. Essentially, they are everywhere in modern society.

Through their individual series, Amri and Aqim deliver and articulate their concerns, thoughts, and musings through the motion of the human body and the use of symbolism. Though the message behind their works differs, both artists have chosen to utilise gestures and, or, symbols, in constructing a visual language unique to their practice.

Amri Ibrahim

I am often intrigued by the language of the body; it is the unspoken words that show so much yet say so little. The constant pressure towards the anatomy of one’s body is an expression and reflection of one’s state of mind. What started as a precise observation evolved into a depiction of my twin brother and me. While we are physically similar, our personalities are worlds apart. My work has repetitively attempted to capture the same figure in various compositions. Through the figurative form of art, I capture my inner struggle and project it onto canvas as a reminder to myself that, this too shall pass.

Keep Telling Yourself Oil on canvas | 153 x 121 cm | 2021 RM 3,200 | Sold

Moonlight Oil on canvas | 153 x 121 cm | 2021 RM 3,200 | Sold

On My Own Side Oil on canvas | 185 x 140 cm | 2021 RM 3,500

Some kind of Persona Oil on canvas | 185 x 124 cm | 2021 RM 3,500

Embodiment Oil on canvas | 153 x 153 cm | 2021 RM 3,800 | Sold

To Find Meaning of Ego Oil on canvas | 153 x 153 cm | 2021 RM 3,800 | Sold

Everybody Hears but Few Listen Oil on canvas | 124 x 185 cm | 2021 RM 3,500 | Sold

Blueprint Oil on canvas | 91 x 183 cm | 2021 RM 3,000

Dissolved Moment Oil on canvas | 118 x 185 cm | 2021 RM 3,500

Aqim Adil

To see and feel, most especially in the era of covid, is something that I longed for. Living in the suburbs, I always feel as though something is missing; I long to be closer to nature. During the period of lockdown, I would hear so much unsettling news about excessive logging and other environmental violations. Our lack of care for our relationship with nature has made us soulless; thus, my awareness of the various crimes against nature has acted as a source of inspiration to me. The divided relationship between man and nature due to the modern standard of living has prompted me to express my thoughts on how man and nature are connected. This series of works is an expression of my concern of the bond between man and nature. Through organic and geometric forms, I hope to share parables between nature and man.

Banjaran Charcoal on raw canvas | 89 x 87.5 cm | 2021 RM 1,000 | Sold

Otak Udang balik Batu Charcoal on raw canvas | 146 x 89 cm | 2021 RM 1,700 | Sold

Sakit 2 Charcoal on raw canvas | 147.5 x 89.5 cm | 2021 RM 1,800 | Sold

Kenapa Bangau kurus Charcoal on raw canvas | 148.5 x 88 cm | 2021 RM 2,000 | Sold

Sakit 1 Charcoal on raw canvas | 147.5 x 89 cm | 2021 RM 1,800

Pokok Tanjung Charcoal on raw canvas | 161.5 x 85 cm | 2021 RM 2,000 | Sold

Pokok Bakau Charcoal on raw canvas | 159.5 x 66 cm | 2021 RM 1,500

Teras Charcoal on raw cloth | 144.7 x 70.4 cm | 2021 RM 1,600

Affectionately known as ‘Apek’ by his friends, Amri Ibrahim (b.1996) hails from, Ipoh Perak. Third of six siblings, his love for painting stems from his childhood days. Amri received his formal fine art education from UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak and continued his studies at UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. Driven and passionate, he has been active in the art scene since his graduation. In following his dreams to be a successful artist, he and some of his classmates opened a studio space named Markaz Art Space at Bukit Raja, Klang. It is a place where they can focus on producing artworks and building their careers as artists.

Selected group exhibitions include Art Fair Fahrenheit88, KL (2021), 10th Anniversary Segaris, White Box, KL (2021), M.C.O Drawing Challenge, Percha Artspace, Perak (2020), Ipoh International Art Festival, P.O.R.T, Ipoh, Perak (2019), and Anugerah Seni MIDF 2018, Kuala Lumpur (2018), among others. He was also a resident artist of the 3M Studio Programme by HOM Art Trans in 2020.

Aqim Adil (b.1993) was born in Kuala Lumpur. He was educated as a graphic designer before eventually pursuing a degree in Applied Arts with Honours (Fine Arts) at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Most of Aqim’s work features 2-Dimensional monochromatic work on fabric. Dry medium materials such as charcoal and graphite remain to be his dominant choice of medium in his practice. His work is often inspired by his opinions and thoughts towards the environment of the local community. This is expressed through visuals of human anatomy and nature.

Participation in group exhibitions includes POSI+TIF at Segaris Art Centre, KL (2021), Virtue(AL) virtual art by Arto Movement (2020), Sacred Garden II by Arto Movement (2020), My Tiger Value competition at Galeri Seni Menara Maybank, KL (2019), among others.