HOM Art Open 2022


HOM Art Open 2022
19th February - 5th March (new dates)

The flagship opening show is a platform for new talents to showcase their work to the public eye. This year, the Opening features a line-up of 53 local artists with 92 artworks, in total.

Since 2019, the gallery has housed hundreds over artworks from both local and international artists. The opening shows have always served as an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and connect within the art and cultural scenes.

This year, an array of carefully curated art pieces from drawings, paintings to printmaking as well as sculptures will be exhibited. Each piece holds distinct stories, themes, and exquisite craftsmanship shown by all artists. Transitioning from digital exhibitions in recent years due to the pandemic, this exhibition will be held physically at the gallery, in accordance with the SOPs.

Untitled Landscape #1
Tan Chee Hon
Acrylic on acid-free paper | 14.8 x 21 cm | 2020
RM 1,800 

Untitled Landscape #1 and #2 are part from “Abstraction” series. It’s a long term painting project which started in 2007. The artwork series have no specific techniques, art material and themes. The non specific style of “Abstraction” can defined as expression of “pure art” (arrangement of shapes, colours, texture and patterns). The element composition are expression of organic shape from nature or man-make geometrical form. The techniques aspect is using varied methods such as oil colour, acrylic colour or mixed media on difference sizes of canvas and drawing paper. 

Untitled Landscape #2
Tan Chee Hon
Acrylic on acid-free paper | 14.8c x 21 cm | 2020
RM 1,800 

The subject matters in “Abstracton” come from fragment moment within landscapes memory and image object. The idea artwork “Abstraction” come from my viewing and study abstract art history that encompass many movements from early 19th century Post-Impressionism until 20th century modern art which including Fauvism, Cubism, German Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalist and etc. It is also my homage to Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter and many other greater artist that inspiration me to create “Abstraction” series. 

The Secret of Surface I
Noriza Arzain
Mix media on canvas | 62 x 62 cm (with frame) | 2022
RM 1,200 | Sold

I have an obsession with old buildings, especially heritage ones. The old building always has its history and mystery. Heritage buildings are always an iconic art in every city. The soul of an amazing architecture can have a historical smell and it makes people smile. Through my latest artwork, instead of focusing on the overall visual characteristic from afar, I’m zooming the scope and looking into the building texture itself, the old and rusty material. 

The Secret of Surface II
Noriza Arzain
Mix media on canvas | 62 x 62 cm (with frame) | 2022
RM 1,200 

Metal is a common material used as it offers an appealing aesthetics, but oxidization also plays its role in time. Apart from rust, the patinas produced from the process are my inspiration for my artwork. Patinas can add character to the architectural piece and its historical presence. This shabby condition can make the building looks more attractive. I find this complexity of artistic intervention to conserve the beauty of heritage buildings is always fascinating. 

with Idiosyncra/c Consciousness
Khairul Zikri Abdullah
Mix media on canvas | 90 x 90 cm | 2022
RM 5,500 

The ontogenesis of the personality and the self emerges in making the artwork look towards the past and previous. This is the maturation of the I and the Self. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture its unique self. Some of my subjects are quite magnificent, others less so. Whether it is quite convoluted in composition to create a conceptual distinction between kinds of consciousness, transitive state consciousness, intransitive state consciousness, transitive creature consciousness, and intransitive creature consciousness. For the bull, it is common to hear the outcome of events being described as the result of fate, destiny, or sometimes a result of both. But fate and destiny are not just concepts with an entertainment value. These ideas point to serious issues of great interest in this work. I mainly work with color woodcuts, but sometimes with monotype. After some years experimenting with semi-abstract printmaking works, I am more interested in texture, form, and the overall visual power of my imagery than indirect reflections of nature and these are the things that are determined by phenomenal idiosyncratic consciousness in this artwork - for the audience enthusiasm. 

Dark Shadows lingering over Mesmerizing Moment 1
Iylia Afiat
Art Marker, and Acrylic on canvas | 91 x 61cm | 2022
RM 2,500 

Inspired by the echoes of blissful lives and mesmerising moment of Port Dickson. Goggles are implied as an object and used to express joyful gestures on the subject as a reflection of beach activities, in order to convey Port Dickson's theme, the landscape background has been rendered in monochromatic colors to convey a sense of mystery which embodied the whole concept. 

Dark Shadows lingering over Mesmerizing Moment 2
Lylia Afiat
Art Marker, and Acrylic on grey board | 101 x 76 cm | 2022
RM 2,700 

Zikir harian
Amar Shahid
Polystyrene balls, enamel paint, steel rope, gold leaf, knitting string, epoxy coating | 20 cm (15 pcs) approx. 60.96 x 152.4 cm when hung | 2022

A literal commentary of the political scene. Issues are repeated on an almost religious dedication, hence the tasbih/rosary. Each rosary resembles cheap chocolate balls, with golden centre. A synical judgement on the eagerness for powerand narative control, to the point of fanaticism replacing their own religion. It also signals on the relentlessness for control and power struggle, even in their evening years. 

Study for Zikir Harian
Amar Shahid
Polystyrene balls, enamel paint, steel rope, gold leaf, knitting string, epoxy coating, songket fabric on board, ready made picture frame | 65 x 65 cm | 2022

A preliminary study for the work “Zikir Harian” 

Hirzaq Harris
Acrylic & bitumen on canvas 88 x 75 cm | 2022
RM 4,800 

I love anything that can arrive with a postage stamp, there's something about that person's breath and hands on the letter.. 

Hirzaq Harris
Acrylic & bitumen on canvas | 88 x 75 cm | 2022
RM 4,800 | Sold

Untitled No.3 (Unknowingness Pleasure Series)
Fauzan Fuad
Acrylic & charcoal on canvas | 60.5 x 60.5 cm | 2021
RM 1,700 

‘Unknowingness Pleasure’ series was created during a time of uncertainty—on a societal level, with the nature of the pandemic and lockdowns in Malaysia, and also on a personal level, as Fauzan found himself questioning the direction of his art and what it should say. The painting was created for a confusing two weeks as the artist vacillated between confidence on some days, and having no idea how to proceed on other days. In the end, he has created a textural layered, energetic painting that pulses with a dynamic range of colors and textures. Rapid brushstrokes and splashes of paint have their movement suspended within arbitrary shapes outlined in charcoal, and colors fall into unlikely combinations. 


Untitled No.4 (Unknowingness Pleasure Series)
Fauzan Fuad
Acrylic & charcoal on canvas | 153 x 61 cm | 2021
RM 4,000 

As an artist, Fauzan has always been more inclined towards abstract expressionism, perhaps because for so long, he did not quite know who he was or how to present himself. With an aversion to art that seems “too perfect”, he took refuge in the vague and all-encompassing quality of the abstract. He likens painting to traveling in a foreign country—not knowing what will happen, but embracing the journey with openness and excitement. The layers of his thought are reflected in the process of making Unknowingness Pleasure, which started from a base of random paint splashes and then built up through layer after layer of searching brushstrokes until it has achieved the contained chaos of its final form. 

Reborn for Revenge
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Ramli @ Asyraf Ramli
Acrylic on Canvas | 122 x 152 cm | 2022
RM 7,000 

This piece was adapted using symbols and metaphor to create the form (content) & theme (ideas) in realizing my visual interpretation. In this process, stereotypes were re-assessed in creating new fantasy and free-based characters. Backgrounds were adapted from symbols and colors which I consider a strong element in enhancing the unique characters. The new characters portray the artist's response in facing life struggles and fighting with negative elements which threaten human identity, morality, humanity, and distinguishing the good and the bad.

Prologue (The Beginning) 
Amira Casfian
Mild steel and stone | 73.2 x 54.9 x 27.4 cm | 2022
RM 2,500 

Heritage and culture are what resemble your identity. Instead of becoming a significant heritage of the Iban tribe, the Pua Kumbu also resembles the heritage culture of the Malaysian Nusantara. The reason I came back with the idea of visualizing Pua Kumbu into this artwork is due to its sentimental value and the beauty the Pua Kumbu holds, which is significantly close to my own ancestor’s culture and heritage. I wanted the level of curiosity and the feeling of loving the work of art to stay within. In other words, I wanted people to view the beauty of each motif on the Pua Kumbu as an aesthetic subject that seeks respect and appreciation for the culture and the beauty it holds. 

My artwork is inspired by the aesthetic of Pua Kumbu motifs. I exaggerated the form based on my understanding using a grid’s guide. The process did not change the level of the beauty nor the original form of the motifs itself. The symmetrical form of the motifs applied in the form of a pyramid was inspired by the Tetrahedron which I applied to become in 3-dimensional form. 

Amsyar Ramly
Acrylic paste & acrylic paint on canvas | 130 x 60 cm | 2021
RM 1,800 | Sold

Inspired by my job experience skills working as an scenic/theming artist. Which is applying the carving technique to create an undulating mark making to the paintings, layered in harmony ways to creating a wood-like texture to the surface. 

Amsyar Ramly
Acrylic paste & acrylic paint on canvas | 78 x 84 cm | 2021
RM 1,500

Natasha Azim
Mixed media on canvas | 91.44 x 91.44 cm | 2022
RM 1,220

I don’t know who you are, but maybe we will meet in another life. Chase our daydreams and get lost in thought of our la la la loud land! 

Fix Sated I
Xeem Noor
Acrylic and fabric paint, embroidery on tea-stained cotton | 34 x 25 cm | 2022
RM 400

When does something that is supposed to fix you become a fixation? When does a fixation become harmful? When can you be sated if it has become an obsession, a necessity, a coping mechanism, an escape? In these pieces, I explore how repetitive habits can be a healing anchor for the troubled mind and it can become something else. 

Fix Sated II
Xeem Noor
Acrylic and fabric paint, embroidery on coffee-stained cotton | 34 x 25 cm | 2022
RM 400

The unprimed cotton cloths are dyed and stained with tea and coffee as these are the common “caffeine fixes” people go to daily to help them function through the day. We also know that these fixes can also mean caffeine addiction. The repeated stitches on the pieces show my fixation in embroidery, how I find comfort and ease in the comfortable repetition of sewing movement, in steady visual rhythm, and tactile sensation of fiber-work. The medical gauze suggests the idea of healing/fixing in a most literal sense but also ties in with my coping mechanism/fixation through fiber art. Through these pieces, I question where healing ends and where obsession begins (and vice versa) in repetitious habits fuelled by wonderment. 

Broken into Pieces
Afiq Romi
Graphite on paper | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2022
RM 450

Broken into Pieces represent the idea of a person who undergoes various life problems and hardships which lead to being mentally and emotionally broken. The feeling of not being whole again caused me to be in a perpetual internal conflict. This can be seen as the subject is in a broken and dilapidated state. The subject which is the hand is used as a symbolism to myself as it holds a deeper and personal value after countless self-reflection. 

All of my artworks are personal work as they tend to represent my current situation. I wanted to encapsulate my thoughts and emotions at the moment whether it is good or bad, into the form of an artwork because it helps me come to terms with that beauty lies in everything. 

Golden Repair
Afiq Romi
Graphite on paper | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2021
RM 450

Embracing one’s flaws and imperfections is crucial for one to be contemptuous with oneself. Inspired by Japanese philosophy, Kintsugi and Wabi-Sabi helped in the creation of this artwork. The idea of how important it is to embrace the flaw and imperfection as it helps us in developing a better and healthier mindset and contentment. The hand is being used as the main subject as a representation of myself accompanied with some of the Kintsugi’s elements, the golden lacquer throughout the hand. 

All of my artworks are personal work as they tend to represent my current situation. I wanted to encapsulate my thoughts and emotions at the moment whether it is good or bad, into the form of an artwork because it helps me come to terms with that beauty lies in everything. 

Mekar di Hujung Senja
Oil on canvas | 61 x 122 cm | 2022
RM 2,550 | Sold

Tanah Air is a significant term that has a deeper meaning in context if we were to discuss it in depth. I think “Tanah Air ku” feels closer to home. These two words simply give a warm feeling and a strong connection between a person and his homeland, compared to the word Negara (Country). Tanah (Land) and Air (Water) are the elements that complement one another, contributing to the balance of nature. While land symbolizes power and legacy for its endless resources, water represents life. Its wave, reflection, and the sound it makes will soothe you, offering you a sense of tranquillity. 


Tenggelam dalam Malam
Oil on canvas | 192 x 91 cm | 2022
RM 2,850| Sold

If you look at my painting, you will see a piece of magical landscape that has a beautiful calming blue lake, surrounded by lush, mysterious land of flowers, almost captivating, hidden by the tree branches. Their vibrant color gives an attractive impact but is covered with old, fragile, and decayed tree branches, initiating a sense of mystery, a peek into the hidden world of Tanah Air’s nature. This visual depiction of my Tanah Air is a continuation of my exploration of destructive landscape series, evoking a glimpse of hope for our country to continuously grow and be known for its admirable history.

Siri Ruang & Garisan "Perjalanan Menuju Tuhan"
Fizrie Azhan
Acrylic on canvas | 91 x 107 cm | 2021
RM 2,500

The Line Space Series is a series that results from the process of understanding, experience, and observation of the environment experienced in the life of the artist. He took the concept of how the “matter subject” functions and plays a role when placed in a situation either two -dimensional (2D) or three dimensional (3D). The Space & Line Series "Journey to God" is a form of abstract painting translated from Quranic verses about Yaum al-Mizan/al-Hisab (day of reckoning of deeds).

Everything we do while living in the world will be watched and judged by the Almighty with justice. At that time only the mouth will be locked. Also presented are the path of Ti/an Siratul Mustaqim and the speed that will be traveled according to the strength of our faith in Allah SWT.

Siakap, buaya dan sikap manusia
Charcoal, acrylic on canvas | 138 x 100 cm | 2022
RM 4,500

The mousedeer counting crocodiles narrated the greatness of a small and harmless mousedeer deceiving a group of crocodiles to cross a river and be able to eat water apples. Crocodiles were told to line up from a riverbank to another allegedly it was an order from King Solomon who ruled all creatures in the world, including humans, animals, and even jinns. Crocodiles were promised to be rewarded by King Solomon if they could follow instructions from the mousedeer. Sadly, that was just a trick mocked by the mousedeer to ease his way of getting food to fill his stomach. 

Siakap, Buaya dan Sikap Manusia is a charcoal drawing mixed with acrylic on canvas. It is an interpretation from the mousedeer story to depict the behaviors of taking advantage of the kindness and honesty of others. Especially from those who are obedient and simple-hearted. A person who is using his or her power or control over a person/people that have no ability for self-defense. 

While Siakap is a manipulation icon, once trending and viral in social media stemming from an occurrence at a seafood restaurant on a popular resort island in Malaysia. It is somehow much easier to manipulate people when they are in a situation where skepticism does not exist. 

31 MAR 2021
Atiqah Khairul Anuar
Pencil colour on paper | 9.3 x 9.3 cm (drawing) | 21 x 29.7 cm (paper) | 2021
RM 800

My artworks have always played with the illusion of the subject being real. This piece is inspired by On Kawara’s date painting where he painted the dates of each day. In this drawing, the image of tapes has been inscribed with dates of the day the artwork was made. Each artwork is completed on the day it begins. The background of the drawings is merely what is laying around on my working table. 

01 APR 2021
Atiqah Khairul Anuar
Pencil colour on paper | 9.3 x 9.3 cm (drawing) | 21 x 29.7 cm (paper) | 2021
RM 800

Hannah Nazamil
Dye and acrylic on canvas | 30.5 x 30.5 cm | 2022
RM 700

I believe that material, like us humans, has its intelligence. Meaning that they can tell you what they can and cannot be as well as behave in ways that as much as we believe we control the medium, it controls its maker too. They control us in how we behave, in how was pay attention as well as our stance, and our level of control towards the medium as well. 

With my works, there is a push and pull between the dyes, water as well as how it converses with a more conventional medium like acrylic. The dyes move in ways that you can view water and how it weaves through the strands of raw fibers. It is practically an agent to free time within the movement of water but it inhabits it. 

Sky Wall
Hannah Nazamil
Dye and acrylic on canvas | 30.5 x 30.5 cm | 2022
RM 700

I think it inhabits the space it is allowed to take over because as I paint a layer of acrylic over, it reacts to the medium as well. It bleeds through the paint and in turn, gives the medium a level of translucency allowing the two to co-exist where one does not overpower the other. The patterns above the dyes are not to cover it but rather enlighten the contrast of how these two behave and how they complement or are against each other. It is intriguing to me how one is so organic but has a large presence and looks as if I have less control over and how one is opaquer and easier to control with its sharp edges but has ways of letting the organic flow along with it.  

Kembang Lili
Helmi Bajilah
Acrylic on canvas | 68.5 x 58.5 cm | 2022
RM 800 

Helmi Bajilah
Acrylic on canvas | 68.5 x 58.5 cm | 2022
                       RM 800 | Sold                       

Lily Blooms 
Adeline Shatsala 
       Acrylics and Mix Media on Canvas | 40 x 62 cm | 2022
RM 325

This painting titled “Lily Blooms” describes the unique balance between the elements of nature. It is our collective duty to preserve the world we live in. Once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be purchased at any price. Learning to be creative within the confines of our limitations is the best hope we have to transform ourselves, and collectively, transform our world. Every flower blooms at a different place. Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace. Everything blooms in its own time creating our own beautiful world with darkness and light intermingled throughout our days. 

Adeline Shatsala 
       Acrylics and Mix Media on Canvas | 40 x 62 cm | 2022
RM 325

The real voyage of discovery are in the eyes of the beholder. Capturing the enigmatic aura of the soil in abstract form, it redefines the effect depicting the earth and environment we live in. The landscape has the vibrancy of emerging through weather climate and exposing the untamed sublime beauty of the earth. Within creation lies not only fame or fortune, but legacy. Passage has never been about places. It exists in moments, connections and flashes across time. 

Bumi Hening 
Akif Azmi 
       Mix Media | 152.4 x 61 cm | 2022
RM 1,700 | Sold

Bumi Hening and Bumi Hening II are works that describe the author's feelings towards the different phases as a student and a person who has already worked. The changes in those different phases were in terms of interacting with peers, reprimands and evaluations from the lecturers, and so on.

Bumi Hening II
Akif Azmi 
       Mix Media | 152.4 x 61 cm | 2022
RM 1,700 | Sold

This is increasingly difficult to obtain after moving into the realm of work. Every situation and problem has to be dealt with alone, which then led to a sense of solitude and loneliness. The use of cactus plants (subjects) that grow in tranquil and open areas is a metaphor/symbol for the feelings of the artist himself.

Back and Forth
Silas Oo 
       Ink drawing as Giclée print on fine art paper | 84 x 59.4 cm | 2021
RM 2,700

The self, in the Jungian archetypal sense, is something I struggle a lot with. Identity brings me great discomfort and I often feel like a stranger in my own skin.

Deconstructing the self, the psyche; emotions, feelings and thoughts; I found solace in reconstructing anatomy into what I find aesthetically pleasing and to accept the self and its own subconscious.


Soul Complaints
Noor Anis Amira BinZ Ibrahim 
Digital print on photo paper | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2022
RM 300

The artwork produced is more personal in that it takes place within the environment of human life. The paper stems from my perspective on the various challenges during the pandemic era. The world is severely affected by the implications of the covid virus that plagues human beings. The pandemic has caused various emotional and mental stresses, especially due to the Movement Control Order (PKP) and limited social activities. The majority of Malaysians were under great pressure. 

Silent Killer
Noor Anis Amira BinZ Ibrahim 
Digital print on photo paper | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2022
RM 300

During the process of creation, I try to play with images and figurative language by instinctively creating stories through the environment I have lived in. This is based on experiences, feelings, self-conflicts, and how I relate them to social, cultural, and political issues, either locally or globally. It is common, however, that I am more inclined to tell a narrative story through the use of metaphors as visuals, rather than directly. 
“Unconsciously, I began to interact and see what was around me, which then arose the idea for me to produce the work. Simultaneously, I understood the combination of character and the material that I will be using for this artwork."

Tic Tac Toe
Nooy Xin Yen 
Mixed media on paper | 58.4 x 47.0 cm | 2021
RM 1,200

A Playground for Inner Child is a series of drawings where the seashells are the major subject matter. As a city girl, I’ve always had a yearning desire for nature. I collected the seashells on the beaches where I went with my family and friends. 

The adult life makes me reminisce about the carefree days and the good times I had with my family and friends. Doing art allows me to daydream and immerse myself in my imagination – a short escape from the hectic working life. This series is also a reminder for me not to forget why I started despite the demands of reality. 

Bloop Bloop
Nooy Xin Yen 
Mixed media on paper | 47.0 x 58.4 cm | 2021
RM 1,200

Modern Snacks
Noor Zahran 
Ink on paper | 84.1 x 118.9 cm | 2022
RM 12,499

Nowadays, smartphones are not only a means of connecting with people but also a necessity to help you carry your files around wherever you go, ensuring that you are always with important documents for work or your personal life. The wide variety of smartphones is the main driver for many people's desire to change the gadget often even though it is unnecessary. This is the main reason many smartphone manufacturing companies are trying to produce the best products on the market. Some people change phones due to getting bored quickly and want to try out the new models available in the market to follow the trend of the current technological developments. The smartphone bitten in this artwork is symbolic of the snack for which it is designed to make you addicted to them and eat over and over. Snacks are delicious, extremely convenient, and nearly impossible to put down. The same goes for the psychological manipulation by the manufacturing company. Many consumers are trapped and often follow their internal urges to keep switching new phones despite spending so much money that they are willing to go into debt. 

Silent Mode
Noor Zahran 
Ink on paper | 59.4 x 84.1 cm | 2021
RM 5,899

Today's uncertain economic situation makes some individuals willing to do anything, including acts that violate national laws crimes such as corruption. In Silent Mode, I try to convey sentiments about how money is misappropriated for personal gain. Some individuals are willing to remain silent and hide various things that can cause the economic recession in a country for the sake of pursuit of temporary wealth. 

Someone Like You Should...
Nur Khairi Hamidi 
Oil on canvas | 94 x 94 cm | 2022
RM 1,800

My artworks speak thematically about abstraction which is non-representational through the concept of musicality. It seems to me to think of melody as a musical ‘energy’ in creating an artwork. Once the musical line has been released, I need only “be with sound”. My sensation triggered through the musical realm of melody, instrumental character, personal moods and emotion based on my playlist. Another analogy is to demonstrate myself as a mime of the sound being produced with my hand mirroring the motion propelled by the ‘ictus’. What I envision is playing ‘staccato’ or ‘legato’ and all other musical terms. 

Nur Khairi Hamidi 
Oil on canvas | 64 x 69 cm | 2021
RM 1,000 | Sold

I think that abstract is a kind of music which from the layering transformed the stroke into another composition and improvisation. Colours also can be associated as a musical scale which may form into their own melody. Abstract art is a universal language and dwells in the realm of music with an equivalent emotion. 

Concept of beauty; Snow White and Queen
Syazwani Rashid 
Digital print on paper | 20.32 x 25.4 cm | 2022
RM 900

The classic fairytale, Snow White has many lessons to be taught about the insecurities and beauty standards which somehow has a racist perception of beauty. The phrase “Who’s the fairest of all” might give an inferiority complex to the person of color. But for me the main culprit could be the mirror, who actually caused the trouble. The mirror can be equalized to the beauty standard nowadays. We’ve been told that the fair skin, flawless, slim body is the beauty standard but let’s not forget that even if you have darker skin, skin with blemishes and you weighed more, you’re still beautiful. The societal expectations need to be stop being forced upon us because it can cause confidence problem and insecurities. 

Concept of beauty; Dayang Senandung
Syazwani Rashid 
Gouache and color pencils on paper | 20.32 x 25.4 cm | 2022
RM 1,000

Dayang Senandung is a Malay folklore which told the story of princess cursed with black skin. This story has caused some backlash as story show us that people with dark skin can be good but also portrays blackness as a curse or negative attribute. In the end the curse is lifted and she became fair skinned. This might actually be colourism. Just like Snow White fairytale, Dayang Senandung also somehow has a racist perception of beauty which might give an inferiority complex to the person of color. It is kinda irony too as it coming from our own people who biologically describe as having tan skin which is not fair skin) as characteristic of Malay people to come out with story like this. But I’m not signifying people to ‘erase’ this as it is products of old time which people at that time created through their values, we should aspect this critically through modern lens and discourse its issues so we can fix the right and wrong.


Personal Boundaries
Ejan Ahmad 
Acrylic, modeling paste and pencil on canvas | 45 x 45 cm | 2022
RM 600

Setting our boundaries is simply communicating our needs to others on what we find respectively comfortable. The rough edges represent the blurry lines of accepted personal space. 

Ejan Ahmad
Acrylic, texture modeling paste on canvas | 75 x 75 cm | 2022
RM 2,000

This was inspired by a cement curb at my house, as I realized how the rugged concrete interestingly changed colours after prolonged exposure from the sun and rain. The details incited me to recreate the textures on the canvas. 

Blue Freedom
Erica Choi 
Acrylic and pen on linen | 75 x 75 cm | 2021
RM 5,200

The pandemic was probably the start of a long and seemingly unending travel restriction that many of us did not expect but had no choice to embrace. Being stuck in the same place for a long time gives you a sense of frustration because you wake up and go to sleep without any changes to your environment. However, looking through the window, I noticed that despite my unchanging environment, the big blue sky seems to be the only thing that changes. This gave me inspiration to take pictures of the changing sky and to paint these beautiful images on my canvas. It gave me a sense of peace knowing that even if my small room does not change, the ever changing colors of the sky gave me a sense of freedom and hope for better times ahead. 

Year of the Tiger
Erica Choi 
Acrylic on linen | 90 x 90 cm | 2021
RM 8,000

Entering the new year always makes me think a lot. There are some regrets which made me reflect on last year but also excitement for the upcoming year. I overlapped my most memorable pictures in 2021 and portrayed them in the shape of a tiger. In Korea, people used to believe that if you have a painting of Tiger at home, it can prevent bad luck. I painted this with the wishes that everyone who appreciates this painting will be happy and well in 2022. 

Fudhail Said
Acrylic, watercolor, pen & charcoal on paper | 32 x 42 cm | 2022
RM 450 | Sold

The idea behind this artwork is about my personal views and reaction towards culture change in our contemporary societies merely focus on their appearance and personas in a context of maintaining fame in the digital age. This social commentary artwork is mainly set aside for the class of glamorous people in social media who took the platforms for granted by satisfying their needs without thinking about the consequences towards our new generation in social media nowadays. This artwork is derived and influenced from the concept of modernity and new culture existing through the lens of the internet. The visual language of the portraiture interplay between both realistic and minimal elements in a way to create a visual image that relates to the idea in another view reflects our contemporary society in relation to digital environments in social media have merged. It is my curiosity and dissatisfaction towards the cultural change in people’s temperament and characters in social media today, which has become a symptomatic culture and addiction that presents in a way social media emphasises a person's imprisonment within the ‘digital world’.


Fudhail Said
Acrylic, uni paint marker, charcoal & collage on canvas | 60 x 60 cm | 2022
RM 800 

In today’s hectic and chaotic world, no one has taught us how to look within, to find within, and to verify within ourselves. Therefore, we remain strangers to ourselves, while trying to get to know other things. The lack of self-understanding is one of the main reasons our relationship and connection with the natural world doesn't seem to work, and why confusion and disappointment so often prevail in our life. 'Gelisah' is the artwork that tells the story of a person's dissatisfied feelings through his personal mid-life crisis and the current situation facing a pandemic phase today. The feeling is expressed through the depiction of different elements and symbols in the portraiture that give a metaphorical aspect to the artwork. The element used in this portraiture is the freeform lines, collages, and the scene of the rough sea as a symbol and metaphor of a tangled mind with his situation. The idea of the artwork is that the artist wants to reflect a person's expression with his perplexed thoughts which leaves a sense of chaos and isolation in the artwork. The main key of the idea is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature which is to suppress and conceal all those emotions, embrace, thus freeing ourselves from the captivity of negativity in ourselves. This artwork is not about capturing an external likeness of a subject, but rather creating a sense of hope in the inner journey of self-development and self-exploration that defines his hopes to live in calmness, happiness, and peace. 

The Tarots : The Lovers
Kimberley Boudville 
Ink on crab shell encased in glass box frame | 39 x 33 x 8 cm (framed)  | 2020 
RM 1,500

The Tarots series is a 13 piece series. Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. The aim of a tarot reading is to explore a question about the self. You pick cards to help you reflect on possible answers, interpreting the meaning of each in relation to what you asked.


The Tarots : Strength
Kimberley Boudville 
Ink on crab shell encased in glass box frame | 39 x 33 x 8 cm (framed) | 2020
RM 1,500

Evening glory in Pulai Chondong
Ahmad Amirol 
Mix medium on canvas | 91 x 60 cm | 2022
RM 800 | Sold

After finishing my studies at Perak, returning to my hometown surrounded by nature made me continue to fall into the persona of the beauty of god's creation. Capturing the glory of autumn in my hometown taught me a lesson about the power of the creator who has power over every creature. Then the observation of God's providence took me far immersed in the fascination of glorious colors that bring an endless sense of amazement. The end of that feeling leads me to self-reflection that a servant should turn to the almighty who is the determinant of all events. 

The Memories Turned To Black & White I
Ammar Idris
Acrylic and pigment ink on children storybook page | 16 x 24 cm | 2021
RM 450

Whenever I tried to approach my past memories from my growing age as a kid and teenager, I could hardly remember them. Even with physical evidence of the memories, I could hardly remember the exact situation or person who evolved in it. I have this personal sense that my memories have turned back away from me as to how I used to treat them in a bad way back from my personal transition phase to become an adult. Somehow, this problem became an irony for my life as an artist that focused on personal history, identity, and nostalgia. 

The Memories Turned To Black & White II
Ammar Idris
Acrylic and pigment ink on children storybook page | 16 x 23 cm  | 2021
RM 450

Prithvi II
Mix media on canvas | 61 x 61 cm | 2022
RM 750

"Mother Earth can live without us, but we can't live without her" 
It is clear that this planet; Earth, has been a gift for us humans and other living things that have all the facilities we need, naturally. Protection is needed for our earth for a peaceful life, for our generation and our further generations. Let's save Prithvi (Mother Earth in Sanskrit)! Artwork Incorporated with earth patterns; topography and woman's face continuous outline. 

Fitri Jalil
Print on Hahnemuhle photo gloss baryta | 50.8 x 76.2 cm
RM 1,300

It is now more than a year since we (Malaysians) and people around the globe battled the pandemic. We Malaysians were able to reach zero daily cases back in 2020 but, now everything has become a futile effort. I watch the news, some regions in the world are slowly recovering from this pandemic and in other regions the virus's sudden rages were terrifying. Many SOPs (standard operating procedures) were introduced and implemented to break the chain of Covid-19. We did our best to constrain the outbreak. But somehow it looks like it’s almost impossible to contain the virus. I don’t know what went wrong. Is it because of our ignorance? Or the methods are meant to suffocate and kill us slowly? I’ve lost my faith in our government, I’ve lost hope in people and I’ve lost my own self. I’ve given up on everything. I am scared of my current state, my soul breaks into pieces and then it goes missing. 

Fitri Jalil
Print on Hahnemuhle photo gloss baryta | 50.8 x 76.2 cm
RM 1,300

Has my soul been taken away? Are the pieces hiding away from me? I tried to find the broken pieces, but it was not easy. It was dark. It was too dark that it made you see what was in the air, it made you sense a weird scent, it made you overhear beyond your hearing and it made you think an evil thought. Through the darkness, I picked up my camera and hoped that my passion could lead me to find back those pieces. I felt the unbearable burden on my right hand while I am holding the camera. I use my tripod to hold the camera, it is completely steady and weightless, like my right hand used to. Since then I have started to document my own disappointment. I hope we can end this soon. 

Tenang 2
Nadhi Wahid
Found object, fabric, leaves, flower petals, natural dye, polyester sewing thread (Ecoprint/tataki zome techniques) | 32 x 32 cm | 2021

RM 300

The artwork is inspired by art deco design with floral pattern as the main subject printed onto the fabric. The printed effects is an effect of natural dye from several leaves and flower petals. The techniques used to create this artwork is a Japanese technique called as Tataki Zome means leaves/flower pounding. Its actually one of printmaking techniques mainly focused on nature ink called as Hapa zome means leaf dye. In this artwork, it shows the details of the printed effects arranged nicely to create a pattern of nature. Tenang means calmness. Nature’s calming effect comes from not only the fresh air, but also the ground.Thus, nature elements shows in the artwork by representing its own shapes by printing the effects and its natural dye. The focus point in this artwork is the used of the real leaves, flowers represent the grounding concept in life, back to the ground and earth. The sewing thread/embroidery effect used as to shows the elements of nerves in the body and blood circulation details as to show that human needs nature as to have a balanced life. 

Lush Green
Shazlin Jalil
Acrylics on canvas | 50 x 50 cm | 2022
RM 585 | Sold

Lush green variety of leaves symbolising freshness, a new start with a revitalising growth and fruitful hope of prosperity for the new year. 

Monstera Medley
Shazlin Jalil
Acrylics on canvas | 51 x 50 cm | 2022
RM 585 | Sold

Vivid green leaves of Monstera and red lipstick plant sparkling with dew drops unfurling in the morning. A contrast of green and red though naturally competing colours but yet possible to be composed in harmony. 

Inside Circus
Sin Yee Chin
Chinese ink, pen, and acrylic on plywood | 243.84 x 243.84 cm | 2021
RM 6,400

In the Circus Series, each piece represents the ambience of “society of circus” in my heart. 

When I watched a circus show for the first time, I realize that it looked like a capitalist system which showed the pyramid of social level. The bottom level will continue doing their performance to make sure they can live and safe by keeping the “audience” happy; the common folk (audience) will think that they are the Big Boss in this world because they can enjoy the performance by the clowns, but they are unaware that the real Big Boss (top level) are in control of the whole world.

We will never know who the winner is, but we are always doing things to benefit others who are above us but never for ourselves. Is that the norm for this world? 

Performance I
Sin Yee Chin
Pen, chinese ink, acrylic on plywood | 121.92 x 121.92 cm | 2021
RM 1,600

Wan Muhammad Eiman
Mix media | 30 x 42 cm | 2022
RM 200 | Sold

What you hate, is coming from yourself.

Tak Rata I
Ali Shazali
Print on paper | 91 x 61 cm | 2022
RM 700

Tak Rata series is a visualization of disturbed texture on a material. Flawed and fragile, the material is susceptible to every impression with the slightest uneven surface could form deep shades which then completely changed the tone. It focuses on the natural being of the composition; what it is made of which results in what it looks like. Expressive in monotonous appearance, the grayscale color further enhances the noise of the texture although silent in color. Thus, one can learn about a subject condition through shades more than the light, as the light is on the surface while the shadow is beyond it. 

Urban Landscape 1
Hanis Farisa
Contemporary hand-tufted textile art cotton, acrylic | 61 x 61 cm | 2022
RM 1,200

Textile is a universal language, according to Hanis Farisa (b.1993). In all of the cultures of the world, textile is a crucial and essential component. There’s a level of familiarity that immediately breaks down any prejudice. Hanis enlists textile as a kind of the third term, straddling art and functional craft—she’s content not to force it in either direction, a medium that flirts between painting and sculpture. In early January 2022, Hanis explored the idea of how water in her most recent contemporary artworks provides an affective vocabulary that gives material expression to the forces and dynamics that shape our current era. It argues water is not simply a medium or metaphor; in the artworks, it articulates and is symptomatic of the conditions of contemporaneity. Focusing on the dynamics of time, placemaking, and identity, it argues water in the artworks makes present our era’s fluid, multiple, precarious, contingent, complex, disorientating, immersive, and overwhelming nature. Her most recent artworks demonstrate several ways in which water captures something of the contemporary condition. 

Urban Landscape 2
Hanis Farisa
Contemporary hand-tufted textile art cotton, acrylic | 61 x 61 cm | 2022
RM 1,200

Water in Urban Landscape (1 & 2) materialises the ubiquitous and precarious conditions of contemporaneity. She uses water to materialise a new kind of identity that is androgynous, in motion and contingent. The place where land, sky, water, and horizon meet is always shifting. As landscapes change, our natural world adapts. So it is in the spaces we occupy. They, too, shift to support the different ways we work. Urban Landscape brings that notion down to earth. The artist is truly inspired by thinking about time and connecting the geology of our Earth to human- kind. Hanis Farisa's abstract works, basic visual elements—lines, planes, forms, and colours— emerge as protagonists. Often in tension or in competition with one another, these elements maintain a certain sense of balance, which ultimately amplifies their potent innate energy. This series of artworks are reminiscent of the deep water, rugged mountains, clear valleys, and red sun and the dark sky of her country, Malaysia. She makes no attempt to depict these aspects of nature realistically, yet the power of the abstract induces a direct confrontation with the essence of nature. Urban Landscape is the reflection of time, and time itself is the space for reflection and wonder. 

Only My Value has Changed Every Year”, Siri Wang Kertas Edisi ke-3 | (RM1) 
Hidayatullah bin Hamzah 
Digital art print on photo paper | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2022
RM 1,000

The title of the work "only my value has changed every year" tells about the value of the Malaysian ringgit which has been depreciating /melting its value since the occurrence of the covid-19 pandemic. With each passing year, the price of goods sold by the market in Malaysia has increased. In this work, money looks like a "face-mask" to show that this money is very important to continue life in the current situation. In addition, the 3rd edition of the Malaysian banknote series was issued in 2000 (RM1).

Life Plan 
Lim Tong Xin 
Ink on paper | 40 x 50 cm | 2021
RM 1,000

I like to try different materials to make art so that my style is unlimited. I hope that my work can let the audience find their own soul in their hearts, like finding another side of themselves so that they can live without loneliness and anxiety. The content of my work is all about strange beasts and even ghosts and ghosts. Because I like content-rich paintings, I want to present every detail that I imagine in my mind so that the audience can feel my unlimited imagination, bridging the gap between me and my audience. 

Lim Tong Xin 
Mixed media on paper | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2021
RM 1,800

Night in Hulu Langat 
Yuki Mun 
Mixed media on canvas | 60.96 x 91.44 cm | 2022
RM 1,500

The land covers my haze,
 Cool breeze blows into the lungs. Blood flow with beats,
 Waters the heart awake the soul. 
As if a voice was saying, “What dear to you now?” I’m alive. 

Deer that Never Met 
Yuki Mun 
Mixed media on canvas | 30 x 30 cm | 2022
RM 250 | Sold

TULUS : spektra
M Nizar M 
Acrylic on canvas | 15.24 x 15.24 cm | 2020
RM 7,000

"Dari dalam dia datang, pada esa hanya jiwa mengadap. Jiwa kosong terisi lantas memenuhi ruang putih canvas seputih balutan akhir kita nanti. Pada muka dan lipatan tersebut ada catatan. Ada warna. Ada garisan. Ada nyawa. Ada hirisan. Ada kelembutan. Ada sejuk. Ada panas. Ada dosa. Ada pahala."

LAGUNA : untitled 5
M Nizar M 
Acrylic on canvas | 15.24 x 15.24 cm | 2020
RM 6,500

"Biru tanda kami diambang malam seribu bulan. Alangkah baiknya semua insan beroleh rahmat malam lalu terus diangkat darjat. Sesungguhnya rahmatnya tidak terbendung banyaknya seluas semesta. Dari awal ia seolah dongakkan rasul agung ke langit tenang malam. 

Pengharapan setiap insan hidup, makhluk dan seisinya: natijah zaman tika sekarang seperti tidak ada penghujung maka belas ihsan yang agung jadi taruhan hidup. Hidup lalu terasa kecil nilai alam ini dibanding buku akhir nanti. Objek berdiri seolah menunggu catitan dingin sejuk nyaman berbanding azab berzaman. Pada dia hamba berharap. Pada esa umat merintih."

Tangisan Sang Langit
Nurul Adlina Ghazali 
Acrylic on canvas | 30 x 60 cm | 2022
RM 2,500

My artworks are based on how I capture the relationship and connectedness between my own emotional responses towards nature’s beauty as I make nature part of my primary references. In form of consciousness, it’s important for me to narrate my very own self-consciousness by extracting emotional experiences in order to celebrate nature’s beauty and transfer it into abstract artworks. I would like to appreciate the moments around me and to show my desire to be closely connected to God’s beautiful creations. 


Hujan Panas
Nurul Adlina Ghazali 
Acrylic on canvas | 40 x 50 cm | 2022
RM 1,200

Cosmic Dreams
Ooi Jin Yuan
Hand embroidered tulle on stretcher | 62 x 62 cm | 2021
RM 2,400

The butterfly flutters above and over the earth, borne on the air and shimmering with light... We ought really to see them as nothing other than beings of light, joyous in their colors and the play of colors. All the rest is garment and luggage.” — Rudolf Steiner

Butterflies are blossoming flowers that lifted into the air by light and cosmic forces. Butterflies stir the emotions in the air and radiate spirit-light into the cosmos, like dreams.

Conversations with Inner Self
Ooi Jin Yuan
Hand embroidered tulle on stretcher | 60 x 45 cm | 2021
RM 2,000

Have a conversation with the observer within you, you will know the truth that you knew all along.
Core radiates and becoming light.
You are the light. 

Thread of thoughts
Sahana Narayana
Acrylic on canvas | 75 x 75 cm | 2022

We don’t have to be lonely just because we are alone. And it is especially true when we are in a company of our threads of thoughts. We are in a good company of thousands of good memories of people we have known and know, places we have been, things we have done and the life we have lived and living. We can never be lonely when the thread of thoughts connect us to our true-selves, as represented by the willow birds, to bring joy, peace and tranquillity to our life. 

Regal splendour
Sahana Narayana
Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 100 cm | 2022
RM 4,000

Strength isn’t defined just by physical capacity; but from indomitable will power. It is the commitment we make to ourselves to be bePer than we were yesterday. The lady who has been coloured in green symbolises the growth and her regal red gown encapsulates her strength and determination to achieve her goal. The Macau represents the grace and endurance with which one can spread their wings to the limitless sky to reach our goal when we set our mind to. The painting is artist’s way of expressing that each breath we take holds the potential for a thousand miracles when we push ourselves to achieve what we desire with our will power. 

Natcha Chanklat aka Skye
Acrylic on paper with float mounting frame | 67 x 77 cm | 2021
RM 1,500

The inspiration for White and Black came from the reflection of positivity and negativity that I sometimes missed out on. No matter how happy I am at the moment, there is still sadness underneath, and no matter how sad I am, there is always happiness underneath as well. 

Natcha Chanklat aka Skye
Acrylic on paper with float mounting frame | 64.77 x 77.47 cm | 2022
RM 1,350

As a result, I stop and watch, I see people are trying so hard to be happy, and that is sad. For me feeling everything is a blessing, I found myself standing in between these two energies and discovered peace. Therefore, I expressed and captured those emotions within me in my artworks as a reminder to myself that either happiness or sadness, it’s just temporary. 

Aina Sakinah Ahmad Shukri
Mixed media on paper displayed in mirror | 24 x 20 cm (each) | 2021
RM 450

I once wished for a room where I could do things that I wanted and loved to do without having to engage with the outside world. It's irony now, that due to the pandemic, I am able to feel what was it feels to do so. At first, it was fun because that was what I asked for. But, through the pandemic, facing the same box/scenario every day, I often reflected back through these monologues I had in my head, and translating them into visual sketches along with notes and thoughts from my head on the journey of understanding the real meaning of trapped from my perspective. I am choosing identity as a theme, also as a mean to put myself on the artwork.


Train of Thoughts
Aina Sakinah Ahmad Shukri
Mixed media with glow in the dark paints | 20 x 20 cm (each) | 2022
RM 500

'I thought I am looking to a reflection of my past but they are an ongoing cycle of little wars between my sides that just make my life as it is. It's not about winning and picking sides but the idea on standing on the good trackuntil the war is really over.’ Chances are, every decision that I was offered fell into two opposite categories, could be known as good or bad. As the decisions or choices were sometimes made subconsciously, writing and visualizing them off in my sketchbooks/journals helped me in analyzing them and I realized the duality that occurred within them. The idea of using sketchbook/journal as a platform to convey this main idea came as I realized it is the ‘tool’ that I can expressed my thoughts freely without rethinking them twice. This understanding correlates with the idea of duality and the psychological method from Jung's perspective The sketchbook aids as a medium for me in conveying these casual dualities I have encountered in my life while manipulating the element of light to support the basis of this new interpretation. 

Tanggungjawab II
Afiq Sebari
Acrylic on canvas | 125 x 116.5 cm | 2021
RM 2,700

"Manusia saling memerlukan antara satu sama lain untuk menjadi pelengkap kepada kekurangan yang ada. Oleh itu, menjadi TANGGUNGJAWAB setiap orang untuk membantu sesama kita tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama mahupun latar belakang. Tambahan pula, pada era pandemik ini, kita semua bertanggungjawab untuk memulihkan negara kita daripada terus dibelenggu wabak Covid-19 ini. Demi pemulihan ini, pihak kerajaan berusaha membantu rakyat yang terjejas dengan menghulurkan bantuan mengikut tahap kehidupan masing-masing supaya semua patuh terhadap Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) yang dilaksanakan. Tidak lupa juga golongan berada yang turut sama membantu memberikan sumbangan kepada mereka yang memerlukan. Sikap TANGGUNGJAWAB inilah yang perlu ada dalam diri setiap individu demi mengembalikan negara Malaysia aman, harmoni dan sejahtera serta terhindar daripada penularan wabak berbahaya ini. Selamat pulih MalaysiaKu!"

Afiq Sebari
Acrylic on canvas | 122 x 91.5 cm | 2021
RM 2,040

"Sedikit sumbangan yang IKHLAS membawa makna yang besar kepada mereka yang memerlukan terutamanya di musim pandemik yang melanda negara ketika ini. Keikhlasan individu yang memberi menjadi sinar harapan terhadap mereka yang terjejas dan hilang punca pendapatan dalam usaha mereka meneruskan kehidupan. Sesungguhnya, nilai keikhlasan bukan terletak pada kuantiti tetapi pada niat di hati." 

Afiq Zainal
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas | 56 x 46 cm | 2021
RM 800

From a psychological perspective, emotion is the word used to describe the complex state of instinctive or intuitive feeling. Our surroundings, circumstances, and reasoning can create emotional waves that have influence over our thought and behavior. I visualize these waves of emotions as an infinite form; it is a continuous cycle of circumstances, which translates to feelings, and then actions. 

Afiq Zainal
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas | 56 x 46 cm | 2021
RM 800

The emotion I intend to explore through this series is ego. While healthy doses of ego have the potential to yield positive results such as developing resilience and confidence, like everything in life, there is a need for balance behind the emotion. Unhealthy ego can create toxic thinking patterns, poor decisions, and arrogance among other negative traits. As one of the most common, and potentially damaging emotions found within mankind, I explore the destructive results of unhealthy ego when we fail to manage the emotion and balance it with humility. 

Bagai hempedu lekat di hati
Hidawati Amin
Mixed media | 41 x 53 cm | 2022
RM 1,300

The heart is the most important organ in the human body. It plays a big role in keeping the human body functioning properly. If there is damage to these major organs it will affect many parts of the human body and a person's life.

In this work, I depict a heart full of plants and lush wildflowers in a fresh red hue as well as Koi fish, beetles, and butterfly-sewn embroidery with black thread. The plants and flowers in red color refer to the need for good intentions (kasad) as well as positivity that is always encouraged in life. Koi symbolizes effort and ambition that serves as the main purpose and goal in life. Butterflies, on the other hand, are symbols of beauty, while beetles are pests such as problems or suspicions that will exist alongside the good life. 

Good intentions or positive things are the main components in leading a happy life. If life is filled with wrong intentions, it will only spread negativity. For example, if the heart is damaged, then a person's body system is affected. Let's cultivate good qualities, positivity and help each other to create a more valuable life.

This work uses used text, collage, and applique techniques to show the uniqueness of the work.

*Kasad: Intention


Pic: Kimberley Boudville and her artworks, "The Tarots" series

Pic: Silas Oo and his artwork titled, "Back and Forth"

Pic: Nur Khairi Hamidi and his artworks titled, "Someone Like You Should..." and "Concerned"

Pic: Noor Zahran and his artworks titled, "Modern Snacks" and "Silent Mode"

Pic: Iylia Afiat and his artworks titled, "Dark Shadows Lingering Over Mesmerizing Moment 1" and "Dark Shadows Lingering Over Mesmerizing Moment 2" 

Pic: Afiq Romi and his artworks titled, "Golden Repair" and "Broken into Pieces"

Pic: Fauzan Fuad and his artworks, from the "Unknowingness Pleasure" series

Pic: Fitri Jalil and his artworks titled, "Uncertain"

Pic: Aina Sakinah and her artworks titled, "Dreamland" and "Train of Thoughts"

Pic: Noor Anis Amira and her artworks titled, "Silent Killer" and "Soul Complaints"

Pic: Tan Chee Hon and his artworks, "Untitled Landscape #1" and "Untitled Landscape #2"

Pic: Natasha Azmin and her artwork titled, "LA LA LOUD"

Pic: Akif Azmi and his artworks titled, "Bumi Hening" and "Bumi Hening II"

Pic: Noriza Arzain and her artworks titled, "The Secret of Surface I" and "The Secret of Surface II"

Pic: Sahana Narayana and her artworks titled, "Regal Splendour" and "Thread of Thoughts"

Pic: Nooy Xin Yen and her artworks titled, "Bloop Bloop" and "Tic Tac Toe"

Pic: Akif Azmi (HOM Open 2022 Artist) and his friends

Pic: Nooy Xin Yen (HOM Open 2022 Artist) and her friends

Pic: A group of artists discussing the artworks displayed