Artriangle I 2007

ARTRIANGLE is an exhibition showcasing the latest artworks from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. With the purpose of increasing the appreciation of art in this region through a more open network of exchange and to further inculcate closer working ties amongst our artists, it aspires to energies a 4-way art dialogue between these countries and inadvertently, adds more excitement to the art scene in Southeast Asia.

ARTIANGLE is also a fund-raising event. Benefits from the sales of the exhibition will be channelled to the MATAHATI Art Fund (MAF).

MAF is an effort that provides funds to support visual artists and help the art scene in general. It will go towards assisting in the welfare of those artists in need, which includes incidences involving natural disasters, accidents and health issues. MAF is also used as a grant for artists to initiate art projects and art activities


Jailani Abu Hassan 
Silat Rimau Mixed on canvas/ 183cm x 183cm/ 2007

Ramlan Abdullah 
Unity In Diversity Series Mixed on aluminium plate/ 60cm Diameter/ 2004

Ahmad Shukri Alias
Utara Oil on canvas/ 99cm x 114cm/ 2006

Fauzin Mustafa 
Hijau Damai I Mixed on canvas/ 152cm x 154cm/ 2007

Norhanem Mohd Nor 
Tumbuhan Baru Mixed on canvas/ 80cm x 129.5cm/ 2005

Zainon Abdullah
Angin Malam Acrylic on canvas/ 112cm x 112cm/ 2004

Ahmad Fuad Osman
Study for”Fly Me To The Moon” Oil on canvas/ 80cm x 100cm/ 2007

Ahmad Fuad Osman
Eclipse Oil on canvas/ 80cm x 100cm/ 1995

Ahmad Shukri Mohamed
Black Dog Series Mixed media on canvas/ 80cm x 80cm/ 2005

Ahmad Shukri Mohamed
Check Mate I Mixed on canvas/ 134cm x 106cm/ 2004

Bayu Utomo Radjikin
INFINITY III Acrylic on canvas/ 122cm x 122cm/ 2007

Hamir Soib Mohamed
An Elephant in the Room Oil on canvas/ 122cm x 122cm/ 2006

Masnoor Ramli Mahmud
Study of Behavior : Self Mines (Lombong Sendiri) Acrylic on canvas/ 77cm x 77cm/ 2007

Suzlee Ibrahim
Merah Kuning Acrylic on canvas/ 160cm x 100cm each -2 panels/ 2007

Rosli Zakaria
Standing Form Mild Steel/ 57cm x 34cm x 152.5cm/ 2003

Daud Abdul Rahim
Tenaga Acrylic, Ink & Charcoal on canvas/183cm x 258cm each -2 panel/ 2007

Hamidi Abdul Hadi
Between Two Horizon Mixed on canvas/ 148cm x 128.2cm/ 2004

Sharmiza Abu Hassan
Kias Secawan Kopi Stainless steel, Mirror and Glass/ 70cm x 55cm x 8cm/ 2007

Nurhanim Khairuddin
Siri ‘Wajah-Wajah’: Abrocore Yang Guane Gamok Charcoal & Pastel on canvas/ 61cm x 78cm/2007

Noor Mahnun Mohamed
Head Study Oil on canvas/ 43cm x 43cm/ 2005

Mohd Suhaimi Tohid
Black Goat I Year Mixed on canvas/ 122cm x 183cm/ 2007

Abdul Multhalib Musa Hole Hearted Mild Steel varnish/ 82cm x 116cm x 4cm/ 2003

Kow Leong Kiang
You & Me Oil on canvas/46cm x 99.5cm/ 2007

Shaharudin Supar
Inner Strength: Urge to Grow Steel on wood pedestal/ 31cm x 83cm x 24cm/ 2007

Shia Yih Ying
ZU-AN in Wonderland: Mad Tea Party Oil on canvas/ 136cm x 101cm/ 2007

Jack Ting
Vallery of Blue Mirage Oil on canvas/ 130cm x 97cm/ 2005

Choy Chun Wei
Garden Tower Mixed on canvas/ 92cm x 53cm/ 2007

Mohd Hairi Yaakob
My Skeleton Series 14 Acrylic on canvas/ 71cm x 66.5cm/ 2007

Syahrul Niza Ahmad Zaini
Nature Rhythm Oil on canvas/ 91 x 91.5cm/ 2006

Umibaizurah Mahir @ Ismail
Commander # 1 & #2 Ceramic on wood/36cm x 9.5cm x 16cm each -2 items/ 2007

Rozana Musa
Not to much…Less is better! Ceramic & mixed/ 9cm x 11cm x 13cm each – 5 items/ 2007

Mohammad Radzi Ismail
Nature Hope Series (Re-Installation) Ceramic on wood/ 79cm x 29.5cm each - 3 panels/ 2006

Husin Hourmain
Kembara Anak Laut Mixed on canvas/ 157.5cm x 157.5cm/ 2007

Norhaslinda Nordin
Impermenancy in Life VI Mixed on canvas/ 90cm x 121.5cm/ 2007

Mohd Fairuz Paisan
Dimanakah Aku Where am I Acrylic on canvas/ 122cm x 183cm/ 2007

Mohd Fariff Ab Jalil
Saka-saka Mixed on canvas/ 150cm x 75cm each-2 panels/ 2006

Ab. Aziz Tasrif
Tanpa Wajah Acrylic on canvas/ 91.5cm x 122cm/ 2007

Azmin Hussein
No Rebellion No Revolution Mixed on canvas/ 61cm x 61cm each -5 panels/2007

Fauzul Yusri
Cage no 50 Oil on canvas/ 152cm x 122cm/ 2004

Mohamad Zulkifli b Mohd Jamil
Rimbun Acrylic on canvas/ 130cm x 97cm/ 2006

Fairus Ahmad
Dan Apabila Langit dan Bumi Bertemu Mixed on canvas/ 63cm x 63cm/ 2005

Kamal Sabran
Circle of Noise Mixed on canvas/ 91.5cm x 91.5cm/ 2007

Baktiar Naim Jaaffar
Childhood Dream Oil on pillow/ 43cm x 70cm x 17cm/ 2007

Mohd Fazli Othman
Si Joker Oil & collage on canvas/ 146cm x 90cm/2006

Mohd Bakir Baharom
Siri Kepompong Mixed Media/ 40cm x 40cm x192cm/ 2007

Asmawi Bin Ismail
Boy and Girl Mixed on canvas/ 92cm x 117cm/ 2006

Chan Kok Hooi
Old Photo Series : Imitating the Old Photo Series Acrylic on paper/ 50cm x 65.5cm/ 2007

Khairul Azuwan Ishak
Shadow Follower Charcoal on paper/ 85.5cm x 118.5cm/ 2006

Fathullah Luqman b. Yusuff
Kisah Kasih dan Cermin Cahaya Acrylic on canvas/ 51cn x 76cm/ 2007

Saiful Razman
Langgar Lari Mixed on canvas/ 30cm x 30cm/ 2007


Horizon Acrylic on canvas/ 200cm x 145cm/ 2005

Agus Purnomo 
Golden Bridge Acrylic on canvas/120cm x 90cm/ 2006

Dadi Setiyadi 
Myth of Bua Me’a : Episode # 3 (Stories from Flores) Acrylic on canvas/ 120cm x 165cm/ 2007

Luddy Astagis 
Modernisasi buat Bi Ijah Acrylic on canvas/ 100cm x 130cm/ 2006

Heri Purwanto 
Menetap Acrylic on canvas/ 139cm x 194.5cm/ 2007

Musim Akhir Tahun Acrylic on canvas/ 140cm x 160cm/ 2006

Slamet Soneo Santoso 
Fresh Acrylic on canvas/ 100cm x 65cm/ 2007

Yaksa Agus 
Fabel : Cerita Tentang Tikus # 2 (series) Acrylic on canvas/ 119cm x 144cm/ 2006

Eddy Sulistyo 
Bunga Sebuah Karya Pencil, Ink & oil on canvas/ 110cm x 145cm/ 2006

On Sale Acrylic on canvas/ 100cm x 120cm/ 2006

Menempuh Hidup Baru Acrylic on canvas/ 110cm x 160cm/ 2007


Julio Austria 
Blood Bath Offensive Oil on canvas/ 61cm x 61cm/ 2006

Lawrence Borsoto 
Glowing Man Oil on canvas/ 61cm x 61cm/ 2006

Joseph Ermi Lofranco 
In The Pink Acrylic on canvas/ 76cm x 76cm/ 2003

Clairelynn Uy 
Your Majesty Oil on canvas/ 96.5cm x 117cm/ 2004

Chriseo Sipat 
True Colors Oil on canvas/ 91.5cm x 122cm/ 1999

Christian Tamondong 
Scare Crow Acrylic on canvas/ 60cm x 61cm/ 2007

Wilfredo Alicdan 
Dancing Nude Acrylic on canvas/ 91cm x 30.5cm/ 2007