MEAA 2009

MEA Award is a biennial competition that honours the most promising young artists in Malaysia. Its main goal is to recognize the country's top emerging talents and to give them the opportunity to break into the local and international art scenes.

The 5 artists with the highest number of votes from a panel of respected juries will receive cash prize, coucher for art materials, 10-day travel grant to a city in Southeast Asia and a showcase of their works.

MEA Award is organized by HOM and Galeri Chandan.


Tan Nan See (1977)Art Goes On : Sleeping Bag
2008/Appliqu├ęd sleeping bag/95 x 222cm

Art Goes On: Luckey Box
2009/Paper mache, painted wood and string/155 x 60cm

My Sleeping Bag
2008/Colour photograph /15.3 x 11cm/(Edition 3)

Taufiq Mohd (1977)
Mu Beh Skali
2009/Acrylic, handmade paper & resin/91.5 x 91.5cm

Killing Gets Easier The More You Do It
2009/Acrylic, canvas, handmade paper & resin /183 x 70cm

Kuca Lana
2009/Acrylic, canvas, handmade paper & resin/183 x 70cm

Tiong Chai Heing (1986)My hometown
2009/Oil on canvas/182 x 120cm

White seashore
2009/Oil on canvas/104 x 75cm

A bout of graceful sing

2009/Oil on canvas/150 x 100cm

Wan Mohd Zulkifle Wan Yaacob (1982)Hijrah Series No.7: Tumpang Berteduh I
2009/Acrylic on canvas/183x215.5cm

Hijrah Series No.6: Menadah Tangan Kiri
2009/Acrylic on canvas/122 x 183cm

Hijrah Series No.8: Tumpang Berteduh II
2009/Acrylic on canvas / 213 x 186cm (3 Panels)

Yim Yen Sum (1987)
The conversation I
2009/Transfer print on rice paper/175 x 163cm

The conversation II
2009/Transfer print on rice paper/35 x 35cm

The conversation III
2009/Transfer print on rice paper/10 x 22 x 6.5cm

Zulkarnain Hassan (1980)
2009/Gypsum and mix media/35.5 x 38 x10cm

2009/Gypsum and mix media /30.5 x 25.5 x 25.5cm

2009/Gypsum and mix media/73.5 x 23 x 13cm

M. Safwan Ahmad (1984)

I Was Framed by a Bunch of Clowns
2009/Wood, acrylic, oil based ink/108 x 104 x 20cm

I Know Who Did That
2009/Wood, acrylic, oil based ink/130 x 35 x 20cm

Something Seems Obviously Different
2009/Wood, industrial ink/140 x 94 x 20cm

Mahadi Ayob (1984)
My Rice Cooker
2009/Acrylic on canvas/182 x 153cm

Goh Chai Seng (1977)

Spirit I
2009/Oil on canvas/178 x 178cm

Spirit III
2009/Oil on canvas/138 x 178cm

Spirit II
2009/Oil on canvas/178 x 17cm

Chong Kean Foong (1982)
Pekeliling’s Night
2009/Digital Print on Special Paper/90 x 120cm/ (Edition 5)

After School
2009/Digital Print on Special Paper/90 x 120cm/ (Edition 5) 

Opening Ceremony


Speech by Deputy President of SGM, Mr. Liu Cheng Choong

Speech by HOM, Mr. Bayu Utomo Radjikin

Speech by Managing Director of Galeri Chandan, Mr. Mohammad Nazli Abdul Aziz

Official opening speech by YBhgia Dato' Seri Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi, Chairman Board of Trustees of National Art Gallery Malaysia