INTERES: Prathap Modi, 7 July - 4 August

Prathap Modi b.1983

The artist, who was born in Andhra Pradesh and now resides in Gujarat,India, had received his art training at Andhra University, Andhra pradesh, India, With B.F.A in Printmaking  and later augmented with M.V.A in Printmaking  from M.S. University of Vadodara, Gujarat, India    

The 30-year-old participated in two solo exhibitions in the last six years. Among these was 2011’s We Will be Together at 7 Art Ltd Gallery, New Delhi, India. As for group exhibitions, Prathap has participated and exhibited in more than 20 art exhibitions all over India. 

Among the accolades the artist has received were Fellowship Award for Graphics
From 22nd Ravi Jain Annual show, and in 2006 he had received several scholarships such as HRD National scholarship for young Artists in 2007 to 2009. 

The artist, who was the artist-in-residence of ROSL ARTS, Visual Art, Dundee, Scotland in 2011 and in 2012 he exhibited in ROSL ARTS Exhibition at @oxo Gallery, London organize by the ROSL ARTS, Visual Art.


Society, and the issues related to it, have always been my primary concerns. In my work, the subject of desire manifests itself and constantly reappears in various contexts.

I don’t consider myself a preacher nor a teacher. As an artist, through my work, I try to show and tell to my contemporary what I personally think and feel. My work is not simply a critique, rather it evokes the need to revolutionize and bring about a change in thought and life of the spectators.

My work reveals several human-social phenomena visualized through my observation, and a proposition toward the people as in “We will be together” which shows the importance of peace. The worthless greed, corruption, and excessive power are so uncontrollably overwhelming our nature that we should succumb to them, losing ourselves in them.

But we shouldn’t forget the importance of the togetherness, and of the humanity which the former can bring us. Beyond the different sexes, castes, religions, countries or boundaries, people are simply human being. One was, and is, like the another, not immune, untouched, or unaffected, but enough strong to care itself and the another. There is the need for us to be together again, being strongly pure, not only on the photographs nor virtually, but for real, between each other, as we used to be in our ancestral time.

My recent works, “I am alone. But I am with nature” question why people  feel alone even though they may live surrounded by others. They examine how we feel and act while alone and the discovery that the natural environment can hold the key to understanding, healing and gaining empowerment from this state of being.

I am Alone. But I am With Nature #1 / 2012 / Woodcut on paper / 190.5 x 117cm 
I am Alone. But I am With Nature #2 / 2012 / Woodcut on paper / 190.5 x 117cm 
I am Alone. But I am With Nature #3 / 2012 / Woodcut on paper / 190.5 x 117cm