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Hisyamuddin Abdullah

“I believe that love and compassion exists in every human being”, and I view my father as a subject matter in my works, narrating the social changes that happens around him. The need to know and understand a subject matter thoroughly is important to me, in order to create a better impact to be translated onto canvas.

Father Nature / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 120 x 120 cm

Shikh Khaidir Ahmad

Pencak silat is indigenous to the Malay Archipelago. It represents Malay culture and personality. “Bunga Silat” was inspired from animal movements and nature, which shows the characteristic of Malay culture_sensitive to their surroundings without disregarding aesthetic values philosophical concerns.

Lenggang Bertapak, Si Pengawal Air / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 105 x 180cm

Haidir Wasli

My artwork is based on my interpretation of “perang mulut” (flame wars/trolling) in Facebook. Based on my experience of being ‘vandalized’ by armies of hate speakers in Facebook walls,
I visualized their hate comments as a real war that destroy other ‘walls’ using their dirty words and negative remarks.

Your wall is our war zone / 2012 / Mixed media on metal plate / 184 x 125 cm

Nurul Shahida Ibrahim

My work was inspired from the determination shown by my mother during her years of struggling as a tailor to support our means. Images from these experiences are reflected in the work through the use of familar images and themes, such as tailor’s scissors and seams. The relation between the image components creates a synergy of meaning that attempts to represent the harshness and synthesis of the lessons learnt throughout.

Gabungan Ikatan / 2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 122cm x 91cm

Shafiq Nordin

I try to respond and interprete towards the controversial propagandas hidden in electronic media such as film and video games, based on my personal experiences. In the works, I try to visualise the issue through the use of metaphors.

The Illusionist / 2012 / Mixed media / 122 x 91cm

Siti Noraini Saleh

I paint nature as a metaphor to my theme, ‘Demi Masa’(in the name of Time). We can neither touch nor feel the time, but still we took it for granted. From Allah we come, and to Him we return.

Mengejar Yang Abadi / 2012 / Mixed Media on canvas / 138 x 77 cm (each )

Manisah Daud

Life on earth will have negative effects should humans keep following their greedy and selfish satisfactions. The color of Mother Nature would be long fade and become valueless. In this series of paintings, the painter would like to visualize a reflection on the crisis dealt by nature and humans, taking part in playing the role of minimizing the actions that may further encourage environmental devastation.

The remains of the Green Realm / 2012 / Mixed media / 107 x 76 cm (each)