DRAWING A DISTANCE : Drawings from 3 cities

Drawings from across the South China Sea
HOM’s latest exhibition brings together artists from three Southeast Asian cities

Kuala Lumpur, June 2012 – Keeping to its goal of enriching exchange between Southeast Asian artists, HOM once again presents a tri-country exhibition, this time titled DRAWING A DISTANCE: Drawings from 3 cities.

The exhibition features works by three artists from Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Yogjakarta, and their works only utilize drawing techniques and ‘dry’ materials.

The Indonesian contingent includes artists Nurrachmat Widyasena, Anton Subiyanto, and Maryanto, works from Filipino artists Epjey Pacheco, Iggy Rodriguez, and Victor Balanon will also be on display and from the host country, the artists are Haslin Ismail, Lim Keh Soon, and Saifuddin Mamat or Poodien, as he is better known.

Running from July 11-31, the exhibition is a great opportunity for audiences to witness different styles from across the region, as well as to contemplate a compact selection of drawings within a small setting.

“From three different cities, separated by the South China Sea, the nine artists’ works meet and are displayed together. These works will be enjoyed and analyzed by the same audience, and the differences and the similarities of the artworks will be the basis for appreciation,” says Bayu Utomo Radjikin, HOM’s director.

Drawing is one of art’s core disciplines and certainly a medium that rests at the heart of most artists’ practices. The exhibition showcases how its participating artists find new ways to present this traditional medium, all with their own distinct styles.

The works explore sociopolitical issues, depict the future, and tackle subject matter like space exploration. So, despite the singular theme of drawing, the range of subject matter promises something for everybody.

DRAWING A DISTANCE: Drawings from 3 cities features 18 unique artworks, and entrance to the exhibition is free.

Maryanto (Yogyakarta)
Kebakaran Kampung / 2012 / Scratching on photo paper / 20.3 x 25cm (each)
Iggy Rodriguez  (Manila)
SubHumane / 2012 / Pen & acrylic ink on paper / 76 x 52cm
Poodien (Kuala Lumpur)
Brave Old World: Langkapuri Yang Lain, Melarut ufuk, Berpasak Alih
2012 / Shadow puppet  (Hanuman) & charcoal on paper / 212 x 156.5cm

Nurrachmat Widyasena (Yogyakarta)
Each One Was a Hero #1 / 2012 / Pencil on paper / 100 x 70cm
Haslin Ismail (Kuala Lumpur)
No. 35 / 2012 / Ink on paper / 55 x 75 cm
Epjey Pacheco (Manila)
Irony #2 / 2012 / Pen & ink, acrylic on paper / 76 x 56 cm
Lim Keh Soon (Kuala Lumpur)
Eh... / 2012 / Charcoal, graphite& pastel on canvas / 130 x 100cm

Anton Subiyanto (Yogyakarta)
Wed Dream #2 / 2012 / Graphite & acrylic on canvas / 100 x 130cm

Victor Balanon (Manila)
Dream of the Nameless Hundred XI / 2012
Pen, brush, india ink & masking medium on paper / 51 x 66 cm