Young & New Part III - ii

Faizal Md Suhif
Cukuplah Dengan Belida/2009/50 x 122 cm/Woodcut on paper

Kaloi di Tasik yang Sunyi/2009/50 x 122 cm/Woodcut on paper

Chong Ai Lei
Ambiguous X/2009/90 x 68 cm/Oil on canvas
Ambiguous VII/2009/90 x 68 cm/Oil on canvas

Mahadi Ayob
Untitled/2009/153 x 122 cm/Acrylic on canvas
White Flower & Red Batik/2009/153 x 92 cm/Acrylic on canvas

Hoo Kiew Hang
This is my Place/2009/57 x 57cm/Acrylic on canvas
Run Run Away/2009/57 x 57cm/Acrylic on canvas
Enjoy The Fishing/2009/57 x 57cm/Acrylic on canvas
Deyanna Deraman
Leaving the Land of Dream/2009/122 x 75.5 cm/Acrylic on canvas
May It Be/2009/104.5 x 86.5 cm/Acrylic on canvas
Journey to the Centre of the Earth/2009/12
Mohd Azli Wahid
Lagu Nak Meleleh/2009/274.5 x 61 x 91.5 cm/Mixed media
Aizat Amir Aziz
Tentang-tentang Series 2/2009/61 x 46 cm/Mixed media on canvas
Tentang-tentang Series 5/2009/122 x 92 cm/Mixed media on canvas
Gan Tee Sheng

Prayer/2009/61 x 45.5 cm/Oil on canvas
My Pet & I/2009/90 x 90 cm/Oil on canvas

Hide & Seek/2009/46 x 46 cm/Oil on canvas