ENDEVOUR: Solo by Iggy Rodriguez

EnDevour, ‘Iggy Rodriguez”s first solo exhibition in Malaysia, impels rumination on the consequences of conflict and subjugation,  provoking discourse on how dignity and the human spirit are consumed in the shadow of neocolonial and neoliberal policies. This collection presents critical perspectives on socio political issues through Rodriguez’s signature detailed pen and ink drawings and grey toned oil paintings with red orange undertones that, like persistent concerns on human conditions, restlessly flame and break out from beneath.

​Iggy Rodriguez, is both  a political activist and an artist. He was first introduced to the protest art scene in the early 90’s whilst at University of Santo Tomas University through his involvement with the politically engaged Artist collective UGAT Lahi. The group attempted to trigger discussions on Filipino politics through workshops, performance protests and installations. Currently less active, Rodriguez still uses his art as a platform for conversation and reflection on social issues. Although aware of the limitations of art in affecting change, Rodriguez nevertheless sees his practice and the legacies of Social Realism- a major influence on the artist- as an important strategy to connect and engage audiences, both in and outside the gallery, with socio political issues.​