BERDIRI Sebuah Pameran Sulung Kumpulan PAKSI: Artworks

PAKSI is an experimental art group that functions as a benchmark to test the ability of its members to work as a team

KUALA LUMPUR, NOV 2015 – For the month of November, HOM Art Trans presents a group exhibition entitled BERDIRI by a new group called PAKSI that consists of three artists living in Meru, Klang namely Arikwibowo Amril, Mohd Akhir Ahmad and Khairul Arshad. Focusing on two-dimensional works, each of the artists has their own strength to contribute to the group. Mohd Akhir Ahmad favours realistic painting style while Khairul Arshad is interested in the subject of Impressionism. Arikwibowo Amril on the other hand focuses on contemporary mixed media artwork.

PAKSI is an experimental art group initiated by HOM Art Trans and the function of the group is to reduce artistic workload, as it is divided among the members. Formation of the group revolves around a few objectives, mainly to produce high quality work of art, to introduce their identity in the contemporary art scene and also to build influence as respected artists. The group also functions as a benchmark to test the ability of its members to work as a team and also train them to manage themselves in order to be successful artists.

For this exhibition, Arikwibowo Amril uses everyday objects, specifically in the forms of butterfly and insects, and creates installation of works where he puts them in a lightbox for display. According to Arikwibowo, butterfly is a beautiful yet fragile creature but only has the lifespan of 12 days. This is the best representation of what he tries to convey where beauty doesn’t last long and with life, death will follow.

Mohd Akhir Ahmad derives his inspiration from the paintings of old masters such as The Creation of Adam and Ledang. By appropriating images borrowed from that period, in this case using apple as the metaphor for his body of work, Mohd Akhir creates new meanings and context. For Mohd Akhir, it represents a symbol of hope and he questions whether we have fully utilised hope or just put it to waste.

Trees, plants and building are the main subjects for Khairul Arshad’s works to portray the concept of development. He combines the organic nature of plants and the geometric nature of buildings to represent spiritual and physical nature of humans respectively. What Khairul Arshad tries to convey is that although both of them are opposite in characters yet they need each other in order to grow even more.

The official launch of BERDIRI: Sebuah Pameran Sulung Kumpulan PAKSI will be on Wednesday, 18 November 2015. The exhibition will be launch by Mr. Yusoff Osman, Artist and one of the earliest pioneers and member of Anak Alam; a multi-disciplinary collective. Admission is free and everyone is invited to join us for the opening ceremony happening at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday, 11am – 6pm and Saturday, 1pm – 6pm. For more information and enquiries, do contact HOM Manager, Mimie Baharuddin at +6 012 373 6004 or visit our website at

Asal Boleh Terbang
2015 Akrilik di atas canvas 110 x 100 cm RM 2,000.00 Reserved

2015 Akrilik di atas kanvas 183 x 153 cm RM 5,500.00 Reserved

2015  Akrilik di atas kanvas 183 x 153 cm RM 5,500.00 Reserved

2015  Akrilik di atas kanvas 153 x 153 cm RM 4,600.00 Reserved

2015  Akrilik di atas kanvas 153 x 153 cm RM 4,600.00 Reserved

Little Giant
2015 Akrilik di atas kanvas 152 x 152 cm RM 3,900.00

Touch It In The Morning
2015  Cat minyak di atas kanvas 143.5 x 168 cm RM 4,200.00  Reserved

2015  Cat minyak di atas kanvas 152.5 x 81 cm RM 2,800.00  Reserved

2015  Cat minyak di atas kanvas 122 x 92 cm RM 2,800.00

Journey To The West Dasar,  Pandang Ke Timur
 2015  Cat minyak di atas kanvas 152 x 122 cm RM 3,200.00

Di Antara
2015  Cat minyak & media campuran di atas kanvas  123 x 183 cm RM 5,000.00 Reserved

2015  Rama-rama di dalam lightbox 61 x 76 x 8.5 cm (kiri)

23 x 28 x 8.5 cm (tengah)   61 x 76 x 8.5 cm (kanan) 

RM 6,500.00

Mahu Hidup 100 Tahun Lagi
2015  Rama-rama & serangga di dalam lightbox 76 x 61 x 10.5 cm RM 3,500.00 Reserved

2015  Rama-rama & sangkar di dalam lightbox 76 x 61 x 10.5 cm RM 3,500.00