EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE By Christopher Zamora: E-Invite

Dominant economic practices usher in habituated perceptions. On the other hand, private and public tendencies are committed to particular ideologies that have attendant interests that shape impressions and realities. The exhibition sequences a narrative that explores the habits of contemporary colonial structures as expressed by the individual, by institutions, and by a nation. 

Christopher Zamora presents articulations of fetishism and delves into encounters with strategies of manipulation, deception, and exploitation.The collection looks into political and economic operations and critiques systems of profit accumulation.

Zamora appropriates the Police’s song Every breath you take as the title for this exhibition. 

A punk and a pedestrian, Christopher Zamora learns from the realities of the streets and prefers being outside than in the convenience of structured spaces. In his practice, he borrows from print, television, and the Internet to visualize his observations and inquiries. Born in 1978, Zamora studied Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University. He has held several one-man exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions in the Philippines and abroad since 2000.

Zamora has also received artist residency grants from Project Space Pilipinas, Mandaluyong, Philippines (2008), NEAR Dangsang, Seoul, South Korea (2009), Goyang Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (2009-2010) and Southeast Asian Art Group Exchange, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines (2011).Every breath you take is Zamora’s 10th solo exhibition.