HUMAN NATURE by Aely Manaf

Human Nature is the first solo exhibition by Aely Manaf, a young artist from Shah Alam.  Aely works with figurative genre and talks about human behaviour, character and mysterious element which are related to his life and working environment. In this exhibition he uses the world art icon’s portraits to study their life perspective and indulge into their philosophy. In the meantime he also starts a series on nature with a look of silent landscape, talking about the Mightiest Creator of the world, gratefulness, and more on spiritual values.

Aely Manaf is a self taught artist, as human nature he takes his art journey gradually.  He learned and gained his art knowledge from fellow contemporary artists around him. His bold strokes and palette technique with thick material textures has elevate him as an up and coming young artist.  Human Nature exhibition will starts on 24 May 2017 with its official launch and the show will goes on until 21 June 2017.