Catalysis – Phases of Transition

The ending of postmodernism marks the beginning of contemporary art, also known as ‘the art of today’. Due to the possibility of worldwide communication; newer techniques, approaches and considerations were soon engaged to produce greater range of artworks that involves two-dimensional, three-dimensional visuals and figurative images to reduced forms, pure geometrical patterns or planes, and adopting a wider range of materials where fresh new art ideas had to be built upon or installed. Although the era of contemporary art has lasted till this present day, one can still feel the transitional influence going back to the era of modernism and postmodernism.

With this insight, Catalysis – Phases of Transition presents artists: Agnes Lau Pik Yoke, Alicia Lau Pik Yen, Chok Ming Hoong, Chong Soon Leong, Choo Ai Xin, Choo Yan Xin, Fong Jia Lok, Ho Mei Kei, Lee Mok Yee, Liew Mei Toong, Tan Lu Man, Thong Yoong Onn and Wong Yi Leng. The artists have taken into consideration a wide range of daily situations in their surroundings and engaged a conversation with the viewers through their artistic journey. By capturing a moment of the development in their art practice, Catalysis – Phases of Transition, has been curated to provide an explorative view of how transitions play a major role in building up the next level of artistic talent. 



 Agnes Lau Pik Yoke

100 Sets of 10 Tonings
Pencil on acid  free paper
100 x 70 cm

RM 3,600

 Alicia Lau Pik Yen

A Conversation Between The Wind and Rain 2
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 150 cm

RM 5,600

 Chok Ming Hoong

Boundaries With Interconnection 2
Ink and acrylic on canvas
121.92 x 121.92 cm

RM 3,000

Chong Soon Leong

Oil on canvas
175  x 100 cm

RM 6,000

Choo Ai Xin

The Relationship
Digital printing on card and video
18.5 x 144.5 cm  
18.5 x 8.5 x 9 cm (10 mins 40 secs)

RM 2,000

 Choo Yan Xin

Every Day Is An Amazing Day
Acrylic, charcoal and oil pastel on canvas
120 x 180 cm

RM 3,600

 Fong Jia Lok

Charcoal on unprimed canvas
133.3 x 133.3 cm

RM 3,500

Ho Mei Kei

Yes, You Can Take a Photograph
Oil and acrylic on canvas
150 x 120 cm

RM 7,000

 Lee Mok Yee

Pyramid No. 1
Pine wood, mirrored acrylic board & plywood
81 x 122 cm

RM 6,800

Liew Mei Toong

Moving Through Streets
Paper, pastel, gloss gel & acrylic on canvas
135.5 x 96 cm

RM 3,400

Tan Lu Man

100 x 177 cm
Oil on canvas

RM 5,200

 Thong Yoong Onn

Street 30min -1/2
Industrial glue, oil paint & acrylic on used canvas 
140  x 147 cm

RM 3,900

 Wong Yi Leng

Acrylic paint and metal shield paint on acrylic sheet
124 x 101 cm

RM 2,500