SERENDIPITY by Melissa Lin, August 14 - 31 2009

Lead by serendipity down the rabbit hole, reality is re-imagined.Threading into the domains of lost and ancient lands, and divingthrough hyperspace to explore hidden dimensions, the arcane andarchaic are discovered. Strange and familiar characters, moody and morbid angels, mercurialtricksters, shape-shifters, goddesses, lemmings and psychonauts weavethrough Chaos, celebrating anomalies, community and relationships.This body of work explores the ideas of duality, the dichotomy betweenillusion and mystery. It is also a tribute to the sacred spaces thatexists inside ourselves and in our environments.

Melissa Lin was born in 1982 in the sometimes balmy city of JohorBahru. She has studied in Singapore, Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur.Her paintings have been exhibited in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia,Singapore, Burma and Copenhagen.She enjoying being off with the fairies when they call.

Innocence, Innersense /2009/ 30x 30cm/ Acrylic on canvas
Treading with Thunder/2009/ 30x 30cm /Acrylic on canvas
Trinity and the Prism /2009 /45x 64cm /Acrylic on canvas
The Night Harbours a Secret /2009 /51x 76cm /Acrylic on canvas
The Eye of Mystery Rises Above the Field of Fiction /2009/ 47x 68cm /Acrylic on canvas
sanctuary /2009/54x 66cm/ Acrylic on canvas
curious continuum /2009 /53.5x 67cm /Acrylic on canvas
Way to Lucidity /2009 /68x89cm /Acrylic on canvas
Hollow grounds, raising the stake of a hologram /2009 /52x69cm /Acrylic on canvas
Converge /2009 /47x68cm /Acrylic on canvas
constellations at the edge of the world /2009/ 68x89cm /Acrylic on canvas
Way to the blue /2009 /18.5x16.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
Circa Skull (e) /2009 /16.5x18.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
Circa Skull (d) /2009 /16.5x18.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
Circa Skull (c) /2009 /18.5x16.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
Circa Skull (b) /2009 /16.5x18.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
Circa Skull /2009 /16.5x18.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
Breathing direction, the gaze transposes itself on the shining body
2009 /43x 56cm /Acrylic on canvas

Blooms of lightning /2009 /50x 76cm/ Acrylic on canvas

From the skein of flickering shadows /2009 /20x 20cm /Acrylic on canvas
Leif /2009 /20x 20cm /Acrylic on canvas
D.M.T /2009 /20x 20cm /Acrylic on canvas
Damiana /2009/45x 47cm/ Acrylic on canvas
Mindscape /2009 /78x 67cm /Acrylic on canvas
Levitate /2009/ 120x 69cm /Acrylic on canvas
Wonder & wander /2009 /137x 130cm /Acrylic on canvas
Flow /2009 /170x 133cm /Acrylic on canvas
breaking static/ 2009 /161x 133.5cm /Acrylic on canvas
A Lucid Kind of Love /2009 /170x 133cm /Acrylic on canvas
spike and saccharine /2009 /27x 33cm/ Acrylic on canvas
phantom phase /2009/ 33x 27cm /Acrylic on canvas
patience precipitates /2009/ 33x 27cm /Acrylic on canvas
Nectar /2009 /27x 33cm/ Acrylic on canvas
It all comes Tumbling Down /2009 /33x 27cm /Acrylic on canvas
fascination /2009/33x 27cm/ Acrylic on canvas
fable /2009 /30x 30cm /Acrylic on canvas
A Fragment of Hyperspace /2009 /33x 27cm /Acrylic on canvas
Thirteen /2009 /27x 33cm /Acrylic on canvas