Living in the generation where the question of humanity is asked frequently, it is not a surprise that it would eventually turn up to be one of the many subjects that contemporary artists use. A plethora of chaos lingers around us, orders are clearly being neglected and traditional values seem to be forgotten, yet viable solutions are not given to combat the lack of it. Only human beings can understand the importance of humanity and it is humanity as a result of intelligence which actually gives the core essence of human existence.

Four Corners, by four Malaysian artists/academicians that consist of Farid Raihan Ahmad, Mohd Farif Ab. Jalil, Mohd Fazli Othman and Mohd Fuad Arif, is a group exhibition that deals with disparate themes, but‘intentionally’ each one intersect within the boundary of a deeper reflection, especially when any attempt to emulate these differences will lead to the question of humanity itself. Here, common themes involved questions on death, justice, history, ambiguity, life, reality, love and affection.

This exhibition is not intended to provide a clear statement or description or even an answer to these questions, but it is in the effort to open up dialogues and also expanding the language of discussion. The works are to ignite contemplation on matters which are felt and experienced by the majority of us now